Monday, February 6, 2012


It's 8:40.  Kids in bed.  Waiting for.....The Bachelor to run a little longer.
Because I hate tons of commercials I've seen a million times, and if I wait a little bit longer, I can fast forward through them all without catching up to real time.  It's all about strategy.
Although, I think Ben is blowing it with his strategy.  Turns out he might just be a regular d.o.g. after all!  Bummer!!

My run today was not supposed to happen.  But, it did.  The day after a long run is usually reserved for a day of rest, so to speak.  For some reason, the voice inside said, "Go And  Run."  It ended up being a short 3 miles, but it felt great.  However, now, my knees are telling me otherwise.  
Tomorrow might be an ABS only day.

Yesterday, I ran out of Shakeology.  It comes in a 30 day supply bag each month.  Right to my door step. It's glorious.  I was prepared to spend a few days without my lovely breakfast drink.
But, like a miracle from UPS, a package was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work.  
Wooo Hooo!  Gotta love Home Direct Delivery!

I've updated my IPod, thanks to tons of great suggestions, and now I have a good 30 songs to keep me going for a while.  Thanks!
Although, today I ran without it...sometimes just thinking makes the run seem shorter. Go figure.

I plan to do a few short circuits with my 10lb. weights during The Bachelor. That's all I've been doing weight-wise.  Every couple of days, while I'm watching TV, just pick up the weights and do a few exercises.  
Lots of reps with lighter weights.  Totally do-able.  
I got  mine at Target...where else?  Probably along with pull-ups, deodorant, a Hot Wheels and a slushee.  Isn't that place great!?!

I loved the SuperBowl commercial (because it was new and I hadn't seen it a million times) for The Voice with Betty White.  She's Awesome!  We heard a snipit of it on the radio this morning, and Jordan said, "Hey, I saw that lady last night!  She was funny!"
AND, the Clint Eastwood, "It's Half Time" was pretty sweet too!

Did you have a favorite Superbowl commercial?

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  1. I do the same thing with The Bachelor! Found you from the "Exposure 99%" blog hop. You can find me at


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