Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pushups Complete and Running Streak

It's been a while.  7 days.  So much and so little has happened all at the same time.

I've taken up a new habit.  Today marks the day of the longest amount of consecutive days I've ever run in a row.  7.  I've decided to unofficially take part in the Runner's World 38 Day Running Streak.  Starting on Memorial Day, run at least 1 mile a day until July 4th.  2 days I ran the minimum requirement...mine is 1.5 miles (1 lap around the hood).
Anyhow, 7 days straight.  Only 31 more days to go.

Since I haven't had a rest day to rejuvenate my workout clothes supply between workouts, I've been running in outfits like
Go Gophers!


pretty sweet looking, I know.

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I actually completed the 100 PushUp Challenge I started 6 weeks or so prior.  I was very skeptical, to say the least.  They said I would be able to do 100 pushups if I followed the plan.  I stuck to it...with a few little twists of my own here and there...and it actually happened!  Kent was a witness that I did 4 sets of 25 pushups with 1:30 rest between sets.  Anything's possible, fo sho.
I've done anywhere between 60 and 100 pushups a day since then.

I planted a garden.
We're calling this a garden.  There are no vegetables.  This could quite possible  be the smallest garden ever.  I should call someone about this.  Maybe get into the Guinness Book of World Records.  What WILL be a record, is if I keep them all alive until at least July 1st.  

We've gone to the park.
Fist pump for the park!

The days are longer, the nights are shorter, there is so much more time to do so much more!  Outside, that is.  And guess where my computer's inside, upstairs, away from the action!  I have no lap top, no IPad, no IPhone...this is what I'm working with here.
There's that green shirt again.  Not to mention the Verizon Wireless special from 1988.  No good.
Even our regular camera is broken.  Time to prioritize.  I need to get with the digital age.  If I'm going to be documenting our exciting lives, where so much and hardly nothing is happening all the time, I'm going to need some sort of technological advance.  I will never be able to call myself a real live "blogger" unless I get with it!

7 more days until summer starts for my teacher hubby, and 1 week more than that for me!

Have you surprised yourself lately with any physical feat you didn't know you had in you?

Are you up to speed in the digital age?  Am I the only one left in the universe without a 'smart' phone?

So you have any big plans for this summer?  Vacations?  


  1. I don't have a smart phone... haha. I sooo want one though. I have a brick Nokia from the stoneage and am currently in the market for a snazzy replacement. So you are not alone! Would LOVE an iPhone but I think that will be later down the track :)

    1. I don't think I need an iPhone either, but something's got to give here! At least I'm not alone!

  2. Oh man! I am not super savvy with smart phones, but I have an Android HTC and love my My Fitness Pal app - it tracks my distance/time/splits. It's basic but I love it. Keep up the good work with your running! =) PS - Being a HUGE Tigers fan, I love your son's jersey!

    1. I keep hearing about all these apps that people love, like My Fitness Pal and Map My Run, or the NIke ones...oh well! My son is a Tigers fan all the way!!
      Have a great week, Tess!

  3. I think I'm finally up to speed with the digital age and? I bounced with the best of them at the bouncy house for 2 hours yesterday while the rest of the moms just stood and told their kids what to do. So I may not run but I'm all for getting in there with the kids. Your garden looks much better than mine!

    1. I secretly love when there is a bouncy house that is big enough and can hold the "parents"! I say that in quotes because usually it's only me and/or my husband that are in with the kids...why don't more parents join in? It's such a good workout!

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  5. Hi I am your newest follower. I found you on the Wednesday Blog hop. You sure have accomplished a lot in a week. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow back.

  6. I too am doing the RWRunStreak... yay, let's streak.

    And yes, 1984 called and they want their phone back. But you can keep the half pink pants, those are FRESH!


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