Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running Mis-hap #112 and My New Accessories

Don't get me wrong, the sunshine is a beautiful thing!  It brings life to the land on the first day of spring, grows the grass and flowers, all that good stuff.
There are lots of things that I like to do in the HOT sunshine.  Take paddle boating, for one.
Watching the fam swim in the lake, for two.
But, one thing I have to remember, that I DON'T like to do in the HOT sunshine it to go for a nice long run.

I wanted to get a good run in, you know, before it got too hot on the 94* day we had here in May.

<Set the scene> By 8:30am it was over 80*.  Sounds like a perfect day, but not when your internal temperature gauge is set at 10* above normal in the first place.  I sweat at the thought of 80* weather.  I sweat at the thought of thinking about 80* weather.  Ooop, here I go.  Sweating right now.  Great.

Just thinking about it being over 80* makes me want to dump my entire water bottle over my head, and stop and walk to the nearest McDonalds 4.5 miles into the run.  It also makes me want to ask the poor McDonalds worker to let me use her cell phone to call my husband to pick me up because if I tried to take 1.more.step I would probably keel.---Which is exactly what happened.  Let's just call it Running Mishap #112.

The poor McDonalds lady was probably petrified to see sweating like a friggin mo fo me walk in, and then use her phone...the horror.  She probably just threw the thing away after I was done with it.   I probably would have!  Bless her heart for letting me use it.

So...there went the long run, Kent picked me up and the rest of the day was perrrrrfect.

I just can't take the heat, and I just can't take the sun.  I would take running in the dark, cold any day over running in the blazing sun.  This just means that my summer is going to be full of pre-7:00am wakeups to avoid running mid-day.  OR post 8:30pm runs to make sure the sun is looooong gone.

With that said...running in the morning or evening before sunrise poses a small safety issue.  If anything else, visibility of ME with on-coming traffic, crossing streets etc.  All to often, you hear about someone getting hurt on a run or bike ride due to the driver who didn't see them or that they "came out of nowhere!"  I've even come  up on a runner/biker or two that I really didn't see until the last minute!  It's a scary thought!

This is why I contacted the super-geniuses at RoadID.  This company has products dedicated MY safety on the road!  Their products are designed to give you the highest visibility when you're running/biking when the sun don't shine.
My new high-visibility belt.  This baby will let me be seen by car headlights at up to almost 700 feet.  That's about 400 feet more than white clothing, which I thought was the best way to go!   
Check out these laces!  Again, almost 700 feet of visibility.  This is a BONUS since it takes the average driver about 600 ft. to react to danger in the dark!  What about the distracted driver...I shudder...
Not to mention the ID products that allow you to display emergency numbers in the (knock on wood, cross your fingers and say a little prayer) event that you are injured and can't give the info to someone on the scene.
This particular bracelet is rubber, similar to the, say Lance Armstrong yellow ones that you see all over the place.  So very, very lightweight.  Like it's not even there at all.  The metal ID plate is not flashy or even really noticeable.  Sleek and not jewlery-like.  Just my style.
I tend to pile all of my jewels on one wrist.  As you can see, I'm  full of bling and veins.  How lovely!  But, the RoadID bracelet is a perfect fit.
Not only are these products geared toward athletes, but they have ID products for children to wear like, say on a family vacation to Disney, or anywhere that you might (knock on wood, cross your fingers and say a little prayer) be in danger of losing track of your little ones in large crowds.  I don't know about you, but turning the corner down the aisle at Kroger a few steps before DStud gives me anxiety let alone...I can't even say it!

Now that I have my ID bracelet - the Wrist ID slim-, shining beacon Reflective Shoelaces and Reflective Belt (which is a snazzy alternative to the all out reflective vest) I feel a little bit better about hitting the road at my favorite time of the day dusk and pre-dawn.

You'd better believe my kids will be sporting the Kid's Wrist ID in pink and blue ASAP!

*I was given these products to review by RoadID, and the opinions are my own.*

When is your fav time to run/workout?  

Do you shy away from running during the dark-er hours due to safety?  

Would having the proper reflective gear and ID make you more at ease?

Am I the only one who tries to avoid exercise in the sun?  Am I crazy??


  1. I hate running in the blazing heat, too. I also hate running in the cold. I pretty much need a perfect, 72ish degree, partly cloudy day. That happens, what, twice a year? Ha!

    1. I wonder..was it much different running in the Zona dry heat vs. the Ohio muggy heat?

  2. sounds like a great idea!! my son worked all day on Wed outside in the heat...and came home grabbed an apple and went to the gym with us....when he was done sprints he came to me and said, i am not feeling good...he looked terrible!! no color in his lips, sweaty, pale..out of it....and he is a a fit 18 yr old athlete...lesson for all of us..do not underestimate the heat..and drink, drink drink...

    1. For Sure! Man, it's so important! I always remember my Dad telling me, "If you're feeling thirsty, you're already dehydrated". Fit experienced athlete or not, hydration is #1!!

  3. Yes, if I have to run in the dark I tend to just stick to where I know I'll be on a well lit (or reasonably well lit) footpath - not the road. I am also wanting to get some good high vis - we've just hit winter in NZ so it's dark early and it's good if it's a yucky day.

    I'm also with you on running in heat - not a big fan, however summer weather is much more motivating than winter!


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