Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bitter, Sweet Valentine

My Little Valentine is having his party at school tomorrow, which is a blessing for this procrastinating Mom.  One might call it procrastinating, but the other might call it:  Yesterday's Valentine prototype was for the birds, so thank goodness there's one more day to get it right.

We've got Football Valentine making going on this evening.

So, this is my first attempt at a real live craft.  We used all of the crafty stuff:  glue, yarn, hole puncher, construction paper, scissors...and of course, fruit roll ups.
Please excuse the current picture quality...I'm using my phone, which is NOT a smart phone of any kind.  Our camera was given as a gift to me from my husband on our first Christmas together...dating!  Needless to say, almost 10 years later, it's no longer working.

This year's VDay is a bitter sweet one.

The Sweet:  Sweet Jordan and Big Man Drew are digging the "holiday" this year.  Jordan is smitten with Daddy and the fact that they are Valentines.  Drew is feeling cool because he has Mommy and Jordan as Valentines...not to mention the little cuties in the Butterfly Room at pre-school!

The dining room all decorated, heart waffle faces for breakfast, goodies, and books.  They love it!

My Valentines...xxooxxoo

The Bitter:  Our sweet, white, fluffy, family pet lost a long health battle last night, and is spending Valentine's Day as healthy and happy as a lark in Heaven.  She was a feisty little thing with the cutest under-bite and was my Mom's little old lady.  She was such a loyal little lady to my parents and my Sister...I know she is terribly missed especially by her Best Puppy Friend, Frankie.  We love you Chloe and we will miss you.


  1. Very nice Melissa!! Beautiful family!!!

  2. Love your blog. I so need some inspiration right now. Did well today as I went to the gym and did a 20/20/20 of cardio on the eliptical, treadmill and bike. But I need the motivation to keep going!

    I'm here from the blog hop. Am a new follower and I'd love it if you'd consider dropping by and following back :) Thanks!

    1. Way to hit it at the gym! 60 minutes...awesome!! Going to hop over to to America's Next Top Mommy and check it out! I love that show! :-)


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