Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Being a Kid

Having 2 kids of my own, and being around kids ages 2-15 daily...I have noticed that there are certain things that are totally socially acceptable for children, yet would be appalling if an adult did any 1 of these things:

  • wiping your nose with the collar of your shirt - gross, but what else do you do when the nose is running, you're outside, and don't want to put a damper on a good time by going inside for a kleenex
  • proudly wearing your white socks with shoes like - Crocs, velcro sandals or mesh water shoes
  • staring and waving at people you don't know in a restaurant - tell me how creepy it would be if I stood up on the booth and started waving at the lady behind me...but when kids do that it's just so cute!
  • leaving the door open while using the restroom...even during a party or gathering - no big deal
  • talking about #2...at a party or gathering...proclaiming that you have to go - "Mommy, I have to poopy!"  People laugh, awww, that's so cute...
  • running around sans an article of essential clothing - inside or outside
  • wearing shoes that light up with your favorite character on them - what I wouldn't give for a pair of light up Blake Shelton running shoes in size 9.5!
  • jumping up and down, waving your arms like mad waiting for someone to unwrap your popsicle - saying, "Pop-Sic-Le, Pop-Sic-Le!"
  • wearing a paper crown made for the current holiday - bunny ears, santa hat, "It's my Birthday!"
Fashion DO or DON'T...and I'm talking for me...

What are some hysterical things your kids do that make you laugh?


  1. Ha ha! Loved this! Thanks for linking up on Welcome Wednesday!


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