Thursday, July 12, 2012

Doll Hair and Mall Hair

I've been attempting to document life's happenings on my Verizon LG Crapster 5.0 phone for far too long. It's time to get a new camera.  Stat.  If I have to say it one more time, I'm going to...say it one more time.  Dang it.
Stupid phone, Texas hair and broken camera.  In that order.    All in one picture.  
Every time I want to take a picture, I have to erase all my text messages, and cross my fingers that I have enough memory to capture the moment that has surely already passed by that time anyway.  So it's all about getting a 3 year old to re-do the cute pose, or get a fuzzy action shot or  forget to turn on or off the dumb flash.

I brought my phone on my run the other day, and had a stupendously naturistical and movingly perfect photo opp that I couldn't get texts and pictures erased and everything safely coordinated to capture.  And, at the side of the road with cars whizzing by, I just said poo to it and kept going.
Anyway, there were a little family of butterflies (the irony of the story is that I really don't like butterflies.  But, I didn't mind these ones.  Maybe since I was outside and not in a stinking tent) fluttering around me as I trucked down the road for at least half a mile.  They were circling around and around on my left and they just kept right on until they finally all buzzed in front of me and flew away.  I can't help but think that was just a little sign.  I'm not huge into "signs" and all that, but it's nice to kind of be reminded that things are looking up...just maybe.

On the subject of hair.  Strangely enough, I was dabbling around on Pinerest...which I rarely always do, and found a way to untangle doll and Barbie hair.  Remember giving your friend the Barbie with the nappiest hair to play with while you kept the one with the nice sleek pony tail?  Nobody wanted to play with the one who looked like she had a rough night before or after she back-combed her hair to death.

All you do is mix water and fabric softener.  I only had dryer sheets, so I just got one wet and squeezed it in the water, poured it into a spray bottle and soaked the hair with it.  Combed it through and Poof!  Crazy, rough-night hair Rapunzel had a sweet Morocan Oil looking mane.  Not to mention the horse.
I know what you're thinking, and I am also somewhat creeped out by the fact that I've taken and published pictures of my daughters dolls.  But, try to picture poor Rapunzel in the before shot with her hair in complete shambles and knots so that it stopped at her creepy elbow instead of her creepy foot.  Thank you Pinterest.
Those weaves may need more than a spray bottle of Downy.  
Now Sweet J and her modeling crew, they have a whole other thing going on.  The weave.  The sass.  It works.

As for workouts are concerned...I have been a lot less hard-core with the running lately.  Getting up and the butt-crack of dawn has been less appealing as of late, and so running has been a 3-4 day a week  workout rather than a 5-6 day a week one.  Since running is my favorite by far in terms of getting the most bang out of my time, I've been a little bummed.  Which is obviously my own fault since I'm the one not getting up early to do it.  But, I've been doing other things instead.

Take biking the kiddies to the park and then doing a make-shift AB workout on the park bench.  A.  because I would just love to see an AB muscle.  Just one would make me happy.
And B.  The park bench was to hot for me put my legs down on.
Any pictures of my cuties playing in the park?  No, just of me trying to make it look like I'm not taking a picture of myself.  As if I didn't look like a wacko already.  
And, lastly, I will leave you with the ultimate in hair.
Remember Mall Hair?  This takes talent, skill, a bun day, a hat day, and few days worth of dry shampoo.

Since I've been a little lax with running lately, I've been trying to watch my diet just a wee bit more.  And I don't like it.  
Anybody out you just feel like you have to watch it a lot less when you're doing more exercise?  If only I'd watch what I'm eating all the time, running a ton or not...thoughts?


  1. You tried the fabric softener trick! I saw that on Pinterest and wondered if it worked.

    Ummm...I just try to balance my eating out and use the moderation rule. Overall I feel better when I'm eating healthier so I just remember that. If I have a bad day (or couple of days...) I just eat really clean for a few days and then I feel so much better. I also indulge in something on a daily basis, but not too much, so I don't ever really feel deprived. Maybe that's a longer answer than you were looking for...ha! :-)

  2. My daughter does not play excessively with dolls, so we don't have the matted doll hair yet. But will try if we ever get to that stage. We do however have the same hair headbands and that could maybe use some love to make it smooth again!

    I did really well the week prior to the 4th. I was gearing up for my 20 year reunion and then the 4th of July wreaked havoc. And it wasn't just the 4th, because those brats and burgers lived on through the 6th at our house. I still looked pretty good for my reunion, but now need a new motivator to keep me running more than 1.5 miles every couple of days.

    What kind of dry shampoo do you use? I need to try some.


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