Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25 Things and Experiment

Since I have to running or fitness news whatsoever, I thought it might be fun to list the top 25 things that came to my head in completely random order...

25 Things You Don't Know (maybe you do) About Me:

1.  Pizza is my all time favorite food, and I could eat it every day.  

2.  One time, I got my foot sucked into the down escalator at Hudson's.  

3.  I'm on Team Edward.  Still.

4.  My least favorite body part is my feet.  By a landslide.

5.  I would rather have potato chips and dip over sweet dessert any day.

6.  My favorite candy is Good N Plenty.  Black licorice, mmmm.

7.  I would loose my head if it wasn't attached to my neck.  

8.  Riding a bike is my least favorite outdoor activity.

9.  I used to be able to hypochondriac myself into having any disease/sickness.

10.  I eat the middle out of Oreos, then throw away the cookie part.

11.  When I run, I don't even hear the words to the songs, just the beat.

12.  Concentrating on 2 things at once is virtually impossible for me.

13.  I would rather eat live bugs than deal with conflict.

14.  I regret never auditioning for high school plays.

15.  If I'm running with someone, I'm always secretly racing them.

16.  Coffee is a complete must for me every morning.

17.  Cooking is one of my weakest household/family duties.

18.  I'm a huge fan of the Bachelor.  I laugh when they cry.  That's mean.

19.  Next to pizza, popcorn is my other all time favorite food.  Dangerous.

20.  I've never met Kid Rock, but I am bound and determined to.

21.  Laundry is my nemesis.  Mostly my own...putting it away...uggg.

22.  I think Kroger brand pop tarts are way better than the real thing.

23.  My favorite movie of all time is "Can't Buy Me Love".  Love Ronald Miller!

24.  One time I had to stop at a stranger's house to use the bathroom on a run.  It was an EMERGENCY.  Very awkward.  Very.

25.  I never said a swear word until 6th grade, and it was a dare.  Then not again until 9th grade.

I mentioned my workout / running routine has been shotty at best since Saturday, so I decided to conduct an experiment.

I've been using Shakeology now for quite a while.  I love it.  For one, it's really good tasting.  I mean it.  It tastes like a Frosty from Wendy's but without the guilt!  And, I've added all sorts of things to it, like frozen fruit, bananas, coconut milk...and it's been delish every time.  Not to mention the never ending list of nutrients, vitamins, and super foods that are in this miraculous chocolate-y drink!

Since Saturday, and since I've been a bit lax about working out due to weather, time, and well, a bunch of stupid excuses...I've not had my Shakeology either.  It's kind of a reward for me for keeping up with my fitness.

Let me just tell you, that I have totally seen marked differences.

I feel tired.  Not tired like I just had a great workout, but tired like lethargic!  I have been craving the crappiest foods.  You name it, things I haven't thought about eating in months.  Sugar and salt, mostly.
My skin, since Saturday, has taken a turn...right into adolescent-ville.  We're talking - ahem - z.i.t.s.  Gross!

I'll bet you all this gross-ness has everything to do with the lack of Shakeology in my life!!

Today, though, I had a shake for breakfast and for dinner.  I'll be back on track in no time.  My body was turning on me!  You would be surprised at how much Good Stuff is packed into one little serving of this miracle powder!

I'll be back to report my findings once my poor bod is back on the fitness train, and soaking up the goodness!


  1. loving your blog. number 15 of things about u is soo me lol. I love popcorns too. Following you back. Need some tips on how to stay fit:-)

    1. I forgot about garlic bread too! ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, I remember you always freaking out about the darn escalators at Southland (when our parents would drop us off...)We have always raced each other- that's why we are great running partners! Popcorn and Good and Plenty's are still my favorites, I will NEVER forget that Grosse Ile run. Literally one of the funniest moments of my life.

    1. Nik, I knew you would pretty much know all 25! When are we going for a run?


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