Sunday, January 29, 2012

May Be Time for New Specs

So, the demise of my Sunday running plans started on Friday night.

Here's the back story...

I discovered that my glasses went missing.  This is really a bad thing.  I am virtually blind without my glasses or my contacts.  Can. Not. See.  The only other 2 people I know with eyes as bad as mine, are my mom and my sister (hers are worse).

What happened to my glasses?  That is still up in the air.  My daughter, who has been narrowed down to be the culprit said, "I frowed them."  That's it.  She led me to my closet and said, "In there."  But, they're not in there.  I dug around in the basement to try and find any spare pair I may have.  I found these circa 1980 something...

These were inspired by Mary Lynn know from 24 and is a complete famous person...she was my babysitter back in the day.  One New Years Eve, she helped us tear up newspaper into tiny pieces and stuff them into my dad's underwear drawer!  That's my claim to fame!  I had to have red glasses just like her!  I can barely see out of them, but it's better than seeing nothing at all!
I mean, what if for some reason I couldn't wear my contacts one day.  What if I lost one, and I was forced to wear these beauties?  That would be hysterical!

Which leads me to Saturday.  I planned on taking it easy on Saturday, only doing a short cardio/abs workout.  Sunday was going to be my big 10 miler.

Drew and I did Saturday's workout.  He loves joining me for a workout while Jordan is napping.

Glasses still missing, I call my mom and sister to see if they have any spare pairs laying around.  I'm in luck.  Thankfully, I got a few pair from my mom to try out and my sister was going to be out and about Saturday night, so I decided to meet up with her and a few friends  at a little pub-y kind of place close by.

This way I could hang catch up with some friends and my sister and grab her spare glasses.

Anyway, it was fun.  Had an adult beverage or 2, and socialized while only talking about my children if it fit into the conversation (The hardest part of going out without the kids, is trying not to talk about them the whole time!).

A quick side note:  There must have been some sort of a pub crawl going on Saturday night in the area.  In walks dozens of people wearing...Snuggies.  Yes, the blankets with arms.  There was a Snuggie pub crawl.  I am so glad there were no such thing as Snuggies in my pub crawl days.  Snuggies are not a good look for outside of your living room.

Getting to the point, I walked in the door at around 1:15 a.m.  Which in itself is the kiss of death as far as waking up early for a run is concerned.

Getting up early and running 10 miles would have been a huge mistake.  Then it started to blizzard, then it started to freeze and turn into ice.  As the day went on, the odds of my running took a nose dive into the single digits, and I never looked back.

In fact, I didn't even have my Shakeology shake today.  That's a first in more than 2 months!  AND, I went to town on pizza and breadsticks for dinner.  Overall, not a very health and fitness conscious day.

But, I'll be back in the saddle again tomorrow.  Taking an unexpected day off is not a bad thing.  And, it's not going to be the downfall of my efforts.  It's going to happen.  Life goes on.  It was fun to spend time with girlfriends, and that is definitely not a bad thing either!

I really do need to find my glasses though.  I can't keep my sis's forever, and getting a new pair  would leave a huge dent in the wallet.  They have got to be in my house somewhere...I'll probably find them the day after I break down and buy a new pair!

That's the way it works, doesn't it?


  1. Awesome! I think I had the same red glasses in 7th grade, only I copied off of Sally Jesse Raphael! :) Good times!

    1. I can't believe I unearthed those babies! Red glasses were a must have!

  2. styling!! You know you can order glasses on line, delivered for $13...just type in your prescription

  3. I had no idea!! This is great news, since I'm still on the search!! I have been totally over-paying for years!! :-)


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