Friday, January 27, 2012


I have a confession.

I've been running for about 12 years.  The earlier part of the 12 was when I was, well, 12 years younger.  I could really focus on just me.  Run when I wanted, train my heart out and totally stick to a rigid plan.
This part of the 12 years, I'm older...obviously...and now, my focus is spread thin.  Super thin.  I still love it, but it's a different kind of love now.  It's a more fragmented and less structured kind of love.

These days...

I have no idea what I'm doing.  I just run.  I look at my watch when I start and I look at my watch when I'm done.  In between, I just run.
I try and apply the training principles of distance swimming that I learned through the years.
Start off at a good pace, and then half way through, pick it up.  That's all I do.  Not very scientific.

I'm not following a race plan this time.  I'm totally winging it.  I haven't printed off, or downloaded any training schedule.
As long as I run 3 times during the week, plus a long run 8+ on the weekend, I should be ok, right?  I suppose we'll find out!

I perform much better under pressure.  I need a time crunch.  Today, I had 30 minutes from start to finish.  I set out on my usual 4.2 mile square, and was done in 33 minutes.  Ran over a little, but was my best pace per mile as far as I can remember.

I have very little actual running gear.  I have a few pair of Nike running shorts, and I can't live without my Brooks Adrenaline, but that's it.  One or two dry fit shirts, and the rest we're talking leggings that were made to wear with dresses, my husband's baggy sweatshirts, and a bunch of stuff I've probably had for the 12 years (off and on) I've been running.

I carry my IPod in my left hand while I run, and I believe it's making my left arm scared to move.  It's hard to see myself, but I picture my left arm hardly moving while my right arm is going crazy.

Occasionally I'll pass by a runner.  I mean, a real runner.  You can just tell by the sweet sunglasses, the reflective zip up jacket, leggings to match, IPod tucked away somewhere with arms and hands free.
I'd be willing to bet I just look like a complete hot mess.

But, I don't care.  Well, I kind of do, but what can I do about it, you know?

I just really really like to get outside and go for a run.  That's pretty much it.

I confess, I'm not a professional.  Or an expert.

I do have a degree in PE and Health.  I know a lot about that stuff.  I know that exercise is great for you in all ways, and I know tons of stuff about cardiovascular health, and fast and slow twitch muscles and how they work.  I know where all the major muscles in the body are and great weight training exercises to increase strength in all of them.  I know about blood pressure, and cholesterol, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins.  All that stuff.  But, I'm still not an expert.

You don't have to be.  You just have to like it.  Just pick something you like, and do it.  Who cares if you aren't the most chic, or the strongest, fastest, leanest one out there.  You're out there! And by doing that, your better!

On the chic note, does anybody actually have suggestions for comfy running pants that aren't meant to be leggings under dresses?  Ha!

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  1. My confession is that I am a couch potato. I haven't run a day in my life minus the 4 years I was in the Navy. I hated to run even then. A couple of chronic illnesses, some inherent laziness and you get me - 5'5" and 250lbs. I've resolved to eat better and get healthy this year, but I've done nothing about it so far.

    I'm Lynn from and I've found you through a blog hop at melomommy's. I love your style of writing and even your subject matter becasue you write about it with such passion and humbleness. Love it.


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