Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sticking To It

How are you coming along with your 2012 Resolutions?

I've got to say, I'm inspired by my husband, Kent's determination.  He sparked up his 2012 this past week and is on a mission!

He's been working out, and he's been eating right...way more fruits and veggies, lean meats and salads, less snacking, and keeping track of what he's eating.

Making a Resolution is easy.  Anyone can SAY what they want to happen.  "I want to be healthier", "I want to be stronger", "I want to exercise every day".  Those are all very admirable things to want to do!

I want all of those things too!  The plan to stick to is what will get us all there!

Some tips on sticking to your plan, whatever it may be:
  • Say it out loud!  Put it out there!  Tell someone your plan.  They are bound to ask you about it, and you'd hate to have to say that you haven't gotten started yet, or that you tried it for a day, but gave up!
  • Write it down...and put it up somewhere!  Kent's meal plan is taped to the kitchen cabinet!  Not the most tasteful decor, but if you ever came over you'd see how un-savvy I am with that anyway!
  • Try not to look ahead.  What?  Really, take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!  
  • Reward little achievements.  Maybe you'll put $1 (any amound) in a jar for every pound you loose.  OR, you'll do the same for a week of clean eating...whatever motivates you...promise yourself a new pair of kicks for 21 days of sticking to it!
  • Focus on how you're feeling.  It feels so good to stick to it...the guilt of letting yourself down is totally not worth the donuts in the break room, or the bag of chips after everyone has gone to sleep!
  • Target times for working out.  Whether it's by yourself or with a group.  Kent works out with his football team after school.  He's the coach, and there's nothing more motivating than to see your own coach doing what you're doing!  It's a double whammy!  He's leading by example!  The best way to do it!
  • Be realistic!  Losing 50 lbs. in 1 month is unrealistic and unhealthy.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Never eating another brownie in your entire life is not going to happen either.  You almost have to allow yourself a slip up every now and again or you'll go crazy!  Just keep it in perspective and don't let a minor lapse get you off course.  Jump back on the wagon and keep going!
  • Don't Give Up!  You might not be physically seeing the results of your healthier lifestyle right away.  The lbs. may not be melting away.  Give yourself time.  It's a process.  Enjoy it!
  • Don't call it a Diet!  That word has such a stigma!  What you're doing is changing a lifestyle.  Making your health a priority is much more than a dumb diet!  This is a change for life!
You can always draw inspiration from your biggest fans!
He's rooting for you!

What are some other tips you have for helping us stick to your resolutions and reach our health and fitness goals?


  1. awwwww he's cute - and this is a cute page... :D

  2. LOVE this post!! And I feel the same way about calling it a "diet" instead of a lifestyle change. A "diet" implies that it is temporary. I intend to make healthful changes & STICK with them! That is way I am blogging about it. Putting it out there! I'm following you now & look forward to lots of motivation. I am not able to run, due to a back condition, but I am walking more and more each day. I feel GREAT!!!

    1. Melissa, walking is great too! Anything that makes YOU feel better, you know?!
      I know what you're saying about making changes and then putting it out there...there's no turning back now! :-)

  3. I agree with these tips!!
    the best motivation for me is that I know my children are watching...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. That's a lot of eyes on you! What excellent motivation! Loved your last post...time goes by so fast! :-)

  4. new follower of your blog
    now follow my blog

  5. Great tips! I like to visualize the outcome: how will I feel when I'm running strong in a race I have coming up? How great will I feel when I eat well? etc.

    1. I hear you! I've got a half coming up March 25...first one in 5 years! I'm nervous to compare it to the last I'm trying to "start over", although I would love to PR! :-)

  6. Love these tips. I'm an avid runner, but if I don't keep running I easily lose the drive and motivation to get out and let my feet hit the pavement. So one of the things I do to force the issue is sign up for local races or running events that I need to train for. That keeps me going. In fact, my big event last year was my very first half-marathon. That proved to be a huge challenge to train for and because I had shared on my blog what I was doing and told all my family and friends about it, I had to follow through even though the training was exhausting. But it was so worth it. In fact, I need to start researching another half marathon and get signed up for it so I can stay on track with my fitness. :)


  7. Journaling is a great way to keep accountable! :-) Definitely makes you think twice about skipping a run or workout! Once I get this half under my belt, I'll feel back in to the swing of things! :-)
    Thanks for checking in! :-)

  8. I'm slowly starting to get it. If I don't do my daily pilates I miss it. Thanks for hopping with us.

  9. Slow and steady wins the race! :-) Thanks for stopping by!


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