Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Wasn't Supposed to See...

I wasn't supposed to see...that.

Aw, come on.  Is that really what is going to happen?

What would make anyone want to do this if they knew THAT would happen?

You mean to tell me that I am voluntarily signing up for something that could potentially make me so tired that I can barely stand?!  

And what...???!!!

Some people puke?  You have to go to the bathroom where?!  Chafe till you bleed?  Seriously.

Ok, why is there an ambulance here...is this safe?

Are my toenails really going to fall off?

We are going to run in the middle of the actual road?  What if I get hit by a car?

What happens if I fall?  What if I don't run fast enough?  What if...

I really wasn't supposed to see or know any of that stuff before I signed up for a distance run!  

So you're trying to tell me that I'm supposed to train for 100's of miles in all sorts of weather, risk life and toenail, just to RUN and it's supposed to be FUN?

The thing is, I saw it all, and I know it all...yet I'm still totally fired up!  

Is there anything that you "weren't supposed to see"?

Written in response to the Blog Dare at Bloggy Mom...  

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