Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's All About Moderation, Baby!

Have you ever eaten a King Sized box of Mike and Ikes?  I mean, all by yourself?
Mmmm...they just look so good, don't they?

Almost immediately after, you get this sick feeling in your stomach, and a headache.  Then you feel dizzy, then you feel tired.  That's a boat load of sugar!  Not to mention the major empty calorie intake!

If you know this is going to happen to you; that eating an alien sized box of candy will give you minutes of joy, but hours of anguish...why do it?!

I asked myself this same question not too long ago...(just the other day) at the local SavMor Drug Store.
You see, I let the kids both choose a piece of candy.  Harmless enough, they both picked ring pops.  Remember how fun those used to be?

I apparently though it a good idea to choose a candy myself.  I chose the ginormous box of Mike and Ikes.

Yep.  The King Size.

Over 100 calories a serving, with 7 servings inside, of pure unadulterated S U G A R.

I said to myself, "Melissa, it's not like you're going to eat it all at once."  Knowing that was a complete lie, I went for it anyway.

So dumb!

As the kids sucked away happily on their blue raspberry Ring Pops, I shoveled handfulls of those damn things into my mouth.

Oh, I ate all of them alright.  I felt sick, I felt guilty...not worth it at all!

Why do we do this?  It's not like we don't know it's not healthy for us.  It's the same with the half a bag of Doritos, or the portion the size of your head at the restaurant.


It's really all about moderation.

I'd be a crazy liar to say that I'm never eating a Mike and Ike again.  Or never buying another bag of Doritos.

No, next time, my smart sensible self is going to kick in and tell the googly eyed self when enough is enough.

There's no reason to give up "junk food" and eat rice cakes and drink water from here on out.  Part of the journey is to become more aware of my weaknesses, and hone in on those and just make changes!

Pushing every tempting food out of your life forever does not follow the idea of moderation.  There's got to be a balance.

I'm finding it, and  I find that the better I feel, the less often I'm tempting myself with a "box of doom".

It all goes together, it's all a process and YOU are in control!

Is there something you just can't resist?  You know you shouldn't, but you cave anyway?


  1. Doritos are also the devil for me... and licorice. Tommy filled my Christmas stocking with so many packages of licorice- I have one package left... ONE!!! ( Of course he had to get a variety- pull and peels, twizzler, red vines....ugh. I feel bloated just thinking about how much I want to eat that last package)

    1. Oh, I am still bloated from my escapade! Twizzler combo pack it the BEST! or Worst...:-)


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