Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is It Still the Weekend?

So, since I'm a teacher, we have plenty of breaks.  This just so happens to be 'Winter Break'...and we packed it to the gills with things to do!

I'll start with my 10.5 mile run on Saturday morning.  Since I'm writing in part about my journey to a much fitter me, that's a great place to begin.

Saturday morning:  I left the house at 6:23 a.m.  It was dark, so I decided to carry my phone with me, in case I might need it.  I didn't need it, but I had to carry it in my hand for over an hour and half which was annoying...but a small price to pay in the event that I needed it...which I didn't...you see where this is going.

The sun didn't come up for about an hour, which was actually a good thing.  I prefer running in colder, darker weather.  Maybe I was made for living in Alaska or something.  I guess Michigan isn't that far off.

Timing myself has been such an inner struggle for training this time around.  I thought that I wouldn't care that much about pace at all; just getting back into it was enough...turns out I was wrong.  I tried not to look at my watch during my run, but I couldn't help it, then when I finished, but I couldn't help that either.   I was totally disappointed in my mile pace, which completely bummed me out about the run as a whole; even though I thought (before I looked at my watch at the end) that it was a good run.  I felt good the whole time.  And I finished.  End of story.  I'm not trying to set any record, I just need to keep that in mind.  I have one month left to train and beat my last half marathon time from 2006!

So glad I had my Shakeology after the run because I had no time to feel tired, or run down this weekend!

Still Saturday morning:  Left for Imagination Station science center in Toledo at 9:30 a.m.  This place is awesome.  I have some pictures, but our camera is still on the fritz.  We went with some friends and their kids.  So glad they suggested it!  Kids had a ball.  Every kid and parent in the Toledo area and beyond had the same idea, get there early and leave just before as melt-down occurs.  My child started screaming, "Let me go!" as we were leaving the restroom.  I totally got the, "Get your screaming kid out of here before my kid loses it because of your kid" stank eye from a few parents.  But...2 thumbs up for Imagination Station...for kids and dads.
Drew in the submarine.
Tree house slide.

Dad up in the tree house...
Saturday evening:  Surprise birthday party for my uncle.  He insists that nobody mention the age, so I'll just say it's somewhere between 59 and 61.  Love that guy, and it's always fun to get together with family.

Who doesn't love a Lalaloopsy?
Birthday morning!
Sunday:  Sweet Jordan's birthday on Monday, so grandparents came over for some low-key festivities.  Jordan felt so special, and she had her little cupcake party just like she wanted.  My mom found awesome cupcake cake molds and my theme birthday cake tradition continues...nobody ever said I was professional.  During Jordan's pre-party nap, Drew and I made time for some Insanity Max Abs.  Love my workout partner!
Make-shift Pinkalicious Cupcake party...she loves her new Pinkalicious game too! 
My workout partner in crime.

So excited to be at Kalahari!
Monday morning:  Leave for Kalahari Resort in Sandusky.  If you have never been there, you should go.  Hands down, an awesome place.  Ginormous indoor water park.  Anything you can think of involving water is there, all in one spot.  The kids stayed in a hotel for the first time, and had a BLAST.  We will be going back for sure.  Maybe a lame excuse for a workout, but if you're not used to swimming, and treading water and staying afloat in a wave pool while holding on to at least one kid...man, that was my workout for Monday.
Family photo
Since there's a safari theme...

Little Mermaid ready to go!
Tuesday:  Woke up at the insane water park and I managed to do some abs and push-ups before we hit the waves again.  We stayed until about 1:00...the kids began to come loose at the seams...rightfully so, this place was awesome, but overwhelming to say the least.  We left for home, and here we are.

Tuesday evening:  Another great dinner with my BFF and cousin, Jenny.  We are, well, cousins...but we were college roommates, and BFF's.  As always, life happens and you get married, have kids and time gets away from you.  But, we've been meeting up for dinner every few weeks, and I really enjoy chatting and just catching up.  We can just pick up where we left off last time...love that!

All in all, a great weekend.  I keep calling it a weekend even though today is Tuesday.  Give me an extra day or two off of work and I can't remember what day we're on anymore!  Love that feeling!

Needless to say, with all of the festivities and happenings this "weekend", meals have been a little shotty.  But, I did pack some healthy snacks for our trip so we didn't have to settle for some of the fried up snack bar foods at the water park.  We didn't eat perfectly, but it's not the end of the world.  Tomorrow's another day, and it'll be fine to pick up where we left off.

How was your weekend?

Have you had a super fun weekend get-a-way recently?  with or without the kids?


  1. Following you from Haute Mom's blog hop!

    Holy crap your blog makes me feel bad about myself! LOL I definitely need to start a workout regime. Looking forward to reading your stuff!

  2. wow..what a fun filled eventful weekend..lucky you!!!
    fun pictures too!


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