Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Need of a Running 101

The closer it gets to race day, the more anxious I feel about my pace!

The problem is that I have no idea what my pace should be!  I need to get this run under my belt and go from there.  There is a 6 year old half marathon PR to compare my impending March 25 time to, but can I really say that is a valid goal?  I was a totally different runner then...ugg!  Is is safe to assume I can run it under 1:50?  I have no idea!!??

Today's run felt awesome; it was an easy 6 miles, and I felt like I was cruising.  8:30+ minute miles is pretty good for me, I think, but as soon as I add on the next 4 to make 10, it all goes down hill from there.

My race background is measly at best, and I'm actually missing one of my medals.  Not that I have a shrine of them or anything, but I did go dig them out the other day just to see what I actually had.
Motivation to run is not what is lacking, in fact, I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for the Ann Arbor Marathon in June...anybody in with me?  It's pacing an specifics on training that I need...
EDIT:  Keep those dreams in sight!  He loved having those medals on...who cares if they were just "participation" ones!

I think I need to read a book.  A good book about running.  I need some guidance and some direction beyond how many miles to run each day.

Any suggestions?


  1. My husband says his fave running book is Born to Run by Chris McDougal. Not sure it has the mileage recommendations for you but a cool book to get you inspired!

    1. Oops, forgot to identify myself...

      Colleen (Rickard) Esser

      And the website we used for marathon training was
      Good luck!

    2. Hey Colleen! I'm going to check that one out!! Thanks!


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