Saturday, February 25, 2012

Are My Kids Friends?

Today has been a one of a kind day here in our house.

First off, this really has nothing to do with exercise, outside of the fact that we (me and my little partner D-Man) did our nap-time Max Abs with Shaun T.

Why has this day, of all days been so momentous?  Because my children spent the entire morning playing together.  This has happened in spurts here and there; they've been known to play school and the super fun chase game - until someone runs into a wall or slips backwards on their socks - you know what game that is.

But today, they occupied themselves the WHOLE morning.  They woke up at different times, Sweet Jordan first...and when Drew woke up, you would have thought The Beibs walked into the room.  She was so excited.  That was not so unusual...but it gets better.

They ate their breakfast, talking and laughing with each other for over half an hour.  They both ate, and nobody whined about anything.  Drew got up and got his sis some water...never even asked me for help.

Next, they moved on to school.  Big Bro was the teacher; he's a pro since he's been in pre-school for 2 years.  They had calendar time, learned about the letter "J" for Jordan, and even a bathroom break.  I had to get them cheese sticks, apples and juice for their class snack, and was informed that normally the teacher doesn't have snack, but since today is Saturday, it's fine. 
Mr. S taking a snack break.
I had to go upstairs and clean the bedrooms and bathrooms.  Those two just followed me up, and went right into Big Bro's room and he read her books.  For over an hour.  Even her girlie princess books.  Then, they turned on his Hot Wheels boom box, and they had a dance party while I vacuumed.  

I had to keep myself from checking in too much, you know how that can totally ruin the momentum and throw the oh so peaceful situation into certain doom.  But, even the few times I peeked in everything was running smoothly and kept on that way until lunch!

I was in amazement.  It's one of those catch 22 situations.  I've always said, "Boy, it will be so awesome when those two can play together on their own!"

But...I have to say, I felt a little lonely this morning!  They only wanted me around if they needed something...and then they were off need for old Mom anymore!  I was the one who was waiting by the bedroom door for them to call my name...nope...not even Sweet J, who normally is by my side all. the. time.

I suppose this is just another one of those times when you realize your babies are growing up before your very eyes.  3 and almost 5, and BFF's (when it's convenient of course!)

Now, as one would expect, I'm the one stuck cleaning this mess up, but it's totally worth it!
The aftermath.

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