Sunday, February 26, 2012

Looking Good

This is one of the inspirational quotes circulating the web.  I found this on Pinterest and I think it's pretty cute.  For all those who are stylish and have trendy and cute workout clothes, this is a funny little saying.

You start out looking like you're going to tear it up...and then you end up looking like you tore it up, right!!

I must have missed the memo on the part where you are supposed to start off looking cute in order to have something to compare to at the end of your  workout.

Something went bad wrong this morning when I suited up for my 10 miles.  I was under the impression that everything was just fine; right before I left Sweet J said, "Mom, you look fabuwous!"  There wasn't a hint of sarcasm in her voice when she said this, however she must have been lying through her adorable little teeth.
Hubby shot this picture with his phone before I left.   I'm not sure why he, also let  me leave looking like a deranged frog.
Oh yes.  I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes running through town looking like an alien from another planet.

What you can't see in the picture are my light baby blue fingerless gloves.  Those really pull the neon green and the forest green together.

Of course this was the run where I ran into actual people that I know along the way, driving in their cars probably wondering if I lack mirrors in my house!

However, I am glad I had my Camel Back for this run.  I don't know why I haven't been using it all along!  I think it really helped.  A few weeks ago I dropped my water bottle and it rolled under a parked truck about 1 mile in.  I hadn't even had a sip yet!  So this worked out much better.

This is the one I have and I really like it.  There are different styles of course: a back pack style and one with a water bottle instead of the water pack and hose straw.

Oh Yes, I almost forgot!!  Once I reached my destination at the end of my run, I unhooked my Camel Back and discovered that somewhere along the way I got dive bombed by a bird.  A bird pooped on the front of my shirt while I was running.  I had no idea!  How did that happen without me knowing it? I got pooped on.

Special thanks to my Mom and, for providing me with the plastic bag to put my bird shirt in, and Dad for driving my sweaty self home!

I mean, am I the only one who just can't pull a cute workout outfit together?  

Do you make sure to hydrate before, durning, and after a workout?  I found that during is one of the times I pay least attention to and it's probably most important! 


  1. I adore your blog. I'm already following GFC, but I'd love to follow you in bloglovin. I'm cohosting a bloglovin blog hop right now. It's super easy to sign up and add it to your site. Stop on over to and join in if you get a chance.

  2. I'm so glad that you stopped by and linked up to the bloglovin blog hop. Did you add bloglovin' to your page though? I can't seem to find it. Stop back over and follow the instructions on how to do it when you get a chance. Leave me a note once you added it so I can stop back and follow you through bloglovin'.

  3. I was wondering what that cord was! If I could ever run more than a mile, I think I might lurve one of those ;)

    1. I know! It looks silly, but it does the trick!
      You've got to start somewhere...if you're interested in making running part of your fitness routine, I have some tips for you to begin! Let me know!! :-)

  4. You crack me up! It doesn't matter what you looked like though,you ran TEN MILES!!

  5. AWESOME!! I am trying to get back into my running mode!! Newest follow! Stop by if you get a chance!

    1. Hopefully the weather is getting nicer for you! That always makes it easier to get back into it!


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