Sunday, March 18, 2012

Motivation: The New Shoes Edition

Sometimes it's just had to stay motivated.  Period.

Plain and simple; things get in the way.  We all know what these things are.  They are whatever it is that pulls you away from working out that day.  Those ...things...

Sometimes it just takes a good old fashioned mind trick to get you back in the game.

I got myself a new pair of shoes.  I was definitely in need.  I had hit, probably, the 500 mile mark on my oldies but goodies.  I got them in August, and I was feeling like it was time for a change.

So I went to the Total Runner and got these babies.  I took them for a run this morning and they were great.  And, they're pink.  They are a little less cushioned than the Brooks Adrenaline, and a little less  arch support.  But, the guru at the store told me I'd be fine with the New Balance 890.  I like that they felt a little lighter, and the toe box is a little bit roomier.  So, we'll see how they work out.
New Balance 890.  Size 9.5.
I have the Rock CF Half a week from today, and I have a week to decide if I'll wear the new Pink Lightning, or the old Blues.
Brooks Adrenaline.  These aren't mine.  Mine are much, much dirtier.
I've been trying to keep these few motivation tips in mind the past few days as my motivation meeter has taken a dip to the dark side:

1.  Change it up.  Change the scenery.  Go a different route.

2.  Change up the music.  Or, try going without.  When you have it again, it'll have more bang.  I went without today for my 7 miles.  It was...well...something I'll have to get used to.  Different, but good.

3.  Reward yourself.  I got me some new shoes!

4.  Set a goal far enough ahead so you've got to keep going, but close enough that you won't get discourage.  I've set my sights on a June Half in Ann Arbor, MI after this Sunday.

5.  Recruit a friend or 2.  At least to keep in touch with on your progress if anything at all.

6.  Love your results.  Stick with it, and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!  Whether you want to get  faster, stronger, leaner, or all of the above, it won't happen unless you stick with it!  So TRY HARD to keep yourself motivated to KEEP IT UP!!


  1. Best of everything on next week's half....I'm not there yes, but training, with my 11 year-old son, for a few shorter runs this summer. I'd never run with anyone and running with him is very special. Congrats on the new shoes, and thanks for the motivation.
    Peace and good to you.

    1. nice shoes! I'm trying to do the same! I will be following you on bloglovin won't you please visit me at thanks!

  2. Nice shoes! I need new ones too and have been dreading shopping but you have motivated me to get those new ones. Good luck on your next race!

  3. still having a hard time with the motivation thing - this may help.... :D

  4. Those are great tips thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower from the Make my morning blog hop. I love working out so I am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. life seems better with good shoes!! good for you!

  6. Think I'm gonna get some new shoes! Amy J. (now C.) is trying to get me to run a 10k with her. I don't think I can do it but gonna try to train for it. Do you ever have problems with your knees? I swear if I run more than 3.5 miles, mine KILL!! Also, I wanted to thank you so much for sending Lindsay in for a haircut, I really appreciate it! :)

  7. Amy J.!! Tell her I say HI! You can run a 10K for sure! Ice your knees when you're done running with some peas or corn for 20 minutes or so. That might cut down on whatever inflamation is going on. I ran in to LInsey at Target and she said she loved her hair! ;-)


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