Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dirty Hairy

Yesterday, seeing that it was gorgeous Spring weather again here, we decided to explore another park.  We are surrounded by community parks, and elementary schools with really nice parks and play sets.
So the kids and Husband got in the car and drove to the park, and I met them there.  That is the beauty of running!  You can just pick up and go.  You don't need anything that you wouldn't normally need!  It was only a little over 3 miles, but add on playing at the park (not sure if that is an official workout, but it was fun) and there  you have it.

Today was Insanity Cardio Plyo in the gym at school.  They have a huge pull down screen and projector, so I can pretend that Shaun T is really there.  And so are all the workout-ers!  That was 41 minutes, including warm-up, stretching (which I should do way more of) and warm down.  Insanity never fails to be an awesome workout!
My "friend" ShaunT.  By the way, I saw an Insanity infomercial this morning while getting ready for school and those people are not lying.  It is hard, and kicks your A$#, but it is the Real Deal.  Don't doubt the infomercial on this one!
So I'm about to be brutally honest.  The next bit is not for the squeamish.  Stop now if you don't want to read about.......dirty hair.

In my defense, my hair mind.  It's not clean.  I've been doing an experiment.  You see, I've been skipping a day or two when it comes to washing my hair.  There.  I said it.  I have un-clean hair.

This is an actual photo taken of me and my hair at the time this post was written.    Full on bun mode.
I used to do that in my swimming days, but my workout was in chlorinated water.  Not that chlorine is good for your hair, but in my book, it counted as a wash, or at least a rinse.  

Recently, my workouts consist of full on sweat mode, with hair in pony tail.  Most of the time, I have to fit a workout / run in whenever I can.  That means in the morning before school - the day starts, in the middle of the day between school and all the other stuff after it, or at the very end of the day after the kids have gone to bed.  It really just depends on how much time I have, whether I wash my hair...or not.

Some things I've found:

  • Although it's not shampoo fresh 100% of the time, my hair is shinier.
  • Usually my hair will completely go haywire when 1% or more of humidity is in the air...not when it's got a little bit of grit in it.
  • The "next" day, it's got a little bit more pep and volume
  • I've started using "dry" shampoo in a spray, and it also gives my hair a little more oomph and volume.  I use Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.  I've also used the Suave Dry Shampoo Spray and I kind of like that one better because you can spray it on and it's immediately dry.  the Tresemme you have to let it dry for a minute or 2.

I used to let "I don't have time to workout, then shower and dry my hair" be an excuse for not working out at all.  But, I've taken my hairdresser and every person in the hair field's advice, and I'm not washing it every day!  That takes care of the no time for it problem!  

Just an FYI, I plan on washing my hair in the morning for school...or maybe not...or maybe I will...or maybe I won't!  I really wonder if anyone can tell?  

How often do you wash and dry your hair?  Am I just disgusting?  Or is it normal to skip a day...or 2?

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  1. You are not disgusting! The most I wash my hair is every other day, but usually I go every third day. So if you're disgusting, then so am I. Our hair wasn't meant to be washed everyday--we need those natural oils. Okay, that's just what I tell myself because really, I don't have time! Second day hair is nice, third day hair is pony tail day for sure.


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