Monday, March 12, 2012

Let The Sun Shine

Woo Hoo!  It feels like Spring!

Around here, anywhere above the 50 degree mark and we're in shorts and flip flops!  The grills come out, and it smells like a BBQ everywhere you turn!

This past couple of days was a breath of fresh open, birds chirping and kids playing outside.  Running off some of that excess steam is key for the littles around here, especially when Daylight Savings time hits.
Getting ready for T-Ball

The bike in question as the story unfolds...
 Turning the clocks ahead an hour means more daylight and it's awesome!  The clock strikes 6:30 p.m. and we've still got a good hour left of day time, and that's just now.  As summer rolls around the corner, we're talking 8:30, 9:00.

More sunshine is always a good thing.  It just feels good on your face...I got a twinge of a sun tan burn on my face durning my long run on Saturday.  Looks like it's time for the SPF moisturizer.  That's an easy way to make sure I cover my basis on my face-is.  Oh.

One sweet thing on the long list of things about living where we do is that we have parks within walking and bike riding distance from our house.  Big, nice parks that are clean and...nice.  So.....we parked it on Sunday.

Drew Man suited up to ride his bike w/ training wheels to the park that's just under 2 miles away.  Perfect,   I was able to strap Sweet Jordan up in the jogging stroller and off we went.  A nice 2 mile jog.  On the way to the park, I notice that DMan is doing some sort of V8 lean to the right.  Training wheel number 1 had shimmied loose.  By the time we got to the park, training wheel 2 shimmied loose too, and my poor guy was wobbling so bad from side to side I thought he was going to be dizzy.
This was a perfect little trip to the park. 
Checking on Sis.
We made to the park, and here I'm and the world are we going to get home?  Obviously I tried tightening the wheels a couple of times by hand, but this was a job for a real live tool.

The park was fun, swings, slide, climbing wall, you name it.

But the whole time I'm are we going to get home with a bike that nobody can ride and a stroller made for one child.  I considered riding the bike myself, while pushing the stroller holding both kids...but my knees and the handle bars...didn't work out.  ( I actually tried it, and the lady on the park bench watching was shaking her head at me...sorry lady, I had to at least try!)

So, I rigged the bike with one wheel in the basket under the stroller and the other one with the floppy training wheel dragging behind.  That worked for 3 minutes, until the bike wobbled loose and the stroller almost tipped.
Maybe he should have still been wearing the helmet!
Last resort, I hoisted the bike on the handle of the stroller, and held on for dear life as my kids held their head for fear that I would accidentally let go (they're very smart).  I tried to take a picture, but I was  afraid to let go of the bike.  This was more of incentive for me to run home since the whole situation was less than comfortable for everyone.

Anyway, we made it home and the kids never skipped a beat.  They ran in the house, and I was left to untangle myself from the bike and to wipe the sticky juice box juice off of my leg...that one's a mystery.

What are your favorite spring time outdoor activities with or without the kids?


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