Friday, March 9, 2012

One of Those Days

24 days to Rock CF Half Marathon...will I be ready?  That is something I'm not sure I'll know until it's over!  Scary!

Workout today was 5.5 miles.  I didn't wear my watch today mostly because I forgot to put in on this morning and still don't have it on, and a little bit because I wanted to just run.  The wind around here these days is silly and somehow it loves to blow in the opposite direction that I'm matter what direction I'm running in.  Dear wind, you've done a great job proving you're a force to be reckoned win...take a break now.

Yesterday was an unplanned "stay home day".  I had high hopes and great intentions.

We'd start the day with a feel good sort of home cooked breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fruit...whatever the kids wanted I'd be ready to short order cook for them.
A figment of my imagination...
Waffles.  Both wanted waffles.  Oh good, I just bought "European Style" waffles and they looked really good...much better than the frozen waffles I would never dream of feeding my kids the kids are used to.  Whole wheat (so they are darker in color...key in reaction from older child), very few ingredients and I could pronounce them all, and they were only good until March 10.  Short shelf life...that's always a plus.

Reaction from older child:  "What is this?  Burnt waffles?  Why would you make us burnt waffles?"

Reaction from younger child, I'm certain only prompted from older child's reaction:  "Eeeeeeew!  Mommy, I'm done!"

Reaction from Husband after tasting waffles off of older child's plate:  "Ummm, these aren't the normal waffles...(whispers) and they're gross."

Reaction from Me:  silently scrape plates clean and turn to freezer...pop 2 frozen waffles into toaster.

Me:  0  Stay Home Day:  1

Next was a happy, peaceful trip to the library.  The kids love the library.  We'd been there many times before, they know the rules...especially the rule about touching the de-magnetizer thing on the librarian's desk.  It makes a little popping noise, and for some reason it's as compelling to them as would be a bowl full of Mike and Ikes to me.  And the librarian always gives me a dirty look if someone slips in a "POP' while were waiting at the desk.

We had "the talk" in the car.

Me:  "Guys, this is going to be so much fun!  Just remember 1 very important thing...Please, whatever you do, do not touch the popping thing on the librarian's desk.  We would hate to have to leave the library because you can't follow the rules, right?"

Both kids at same time:  "We know."  Basically rolling their eyes.

We get up to the desk to return our 4 books and out comes the first hand..."POP"

Me:  "Put your hands in your pockets right now."  Thinking...can't you go any faster, lady?

No sooner did I watch one put his hands in his pockets, "POP, POP, POP"

Me:  "Are you kidding me?  Put YOUR hands in YOUR pockets!"  Giving the librarian the look.  The one that says, "Hurry up lady, or someone's going to be sorry!".... she gave me my ticket and we went over to the puzzles.

After quietly reading books and playing with puzzles jumping through the window in the castle, dumping every puzzle onto the floor and ripping books from the shelf, we left.

Me:  0  Stay Home Day:  5+

Lunch was surprisingly uneventful...but then came nap time.

To me, my kids needed a nap.  Both of them.  After lunch, they were both yawning, rubbing their eyes and frankly...I needed a breather.

I was going to work out...I'd planned on getting out early for a run before anyone was up, however the whipping winds and unrelenting rain put that idea to rest Me:  0  Weather:  1

But what did I know.

Nap time did not happen.

Me:  0  Stay Home Day:  Way more than 0

Husband comes home from work and it's like a freaking Donna Reed show.
Both Charming Children:  "Daddy, Daddy, we missed you!  We love you Daddy!"  Running to the door.

Daddy:  "Hi guys!  How was your day?..."  Smiling...he looks at me..."Mommy?..."

What do I even say here...Was the day good?  Was the day bad?  Was the day a challenge?  Yes, that's for sure.  It was a day that made me question my know-how as a mom.  One day I stay home with my own kids and I was knocked down off of my -I'm really starting to figure this balancing act out- peg.

Lesson:  There's no where to go but up.  Just as soon as you think you've got it all figured out, it all goes to pot in a hand basket...or whatever that saying is.  

Family Fun Night at Drew Man's school was at 6:00.
We went, the kids were absolute angels and they had a BLAST!  They went to bed happy and so did I.

At the end of the day, with those 2 kids sleeping in their beds all snuggled in and dreaming away, I couldn't have been more content.

So what, a perfectly planned day went sour...big deal.  Tomorrow's another day and Saturday and Sunday..."The Real Stay Home Days" are just around the corner.  Not everybody can be Donna Reed!


  1. It is worth every second Donna.

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