Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Running for Pizza & Giveaway!

I need to do some catching up.  Time has gotten away from me lately.  I'm not sure if it's the day job, combined with the whole being a mom thing and then fitting in runs and making dinner...oh, cleaning up here and there... probably all of the above.  I'm not complaining... just simply saying that I've been running out of time the past few days!

On Monday, my workout was 7 miles.  Well, ok, 6.99.  How stupid is that.  And, how dumb that it actually makes me a little bit irritated that I didn't just run to the next driveway!  Anyway, it was a good run, and about 8:09 or so minute miles.  Not that I'm obsessing with mile pace, but lately I'm kind of... obsessing with mile pace.

Yesterday was Insanity Max Abs.  This was squeezed in to make sure we had enough time for Buddy's Pizza.  The BEST pizza.  I love it.  And, Buddy's Pizza itself is one of the reasons why I exercise.
For Insanity it was Me, Drew Man my faithful parter, Sweet Jordan, Shaun T, Hubby and the Furnace Guy... he was cleaning the furnace.  Anyway...
Today I have my sights set on an easier 5 or 6 miles.  My knees are a little bit sore.  I'm not sure if it's from the jumping in Insanity yesterday or what, but I'm going to take it easy today.

Speaking of today, here in Michigan it's going to be 60 something degrees today, which is awesome!!  But...I was looking in my closet, deciding on which boring pants to wear with which boring shirt  and I realized...everything is boring!  I would love to re-vamp my closet...

I need Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to come and help me out!  More on that to come...I've been checking out the latest fashions in my US Weekly, and I've decided that I'm definitely on the drab and somewhat out of style side.

So 2 things...step it up with my actual wardrobe and with my workout wardrobe.  I'm going to have to take it one piece at a time.

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  1. Just stopping by to say that I've had success with Brazil Butt LIft! Might sound funny, but it's all business!
    I'm liking on Facebook page too!

    1. I'm thinking of making that my next Beachbody Challenge! Stay tuned...maybe you'll want to join in!!

  2. Yum! Looks great! New follower, follow back at when you can!

  3. Honestly, I workout cleaning the house and's amazing how creative I can make daily chores keep the weight off. Kudos to you for being able to run like that. I've never been a runner, but I do enjoy long walks and going on hiking adventures:)


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