Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Re-Cap, Round-Up and Sit-Down

I just love this picture...
I'll start with a quick workout re-cap:

Sunday - 6.5+ miles, ran to my parents' house, met Kent and Jordi there.  Drew was already there receiving the Star treatment staying the night.  I felt like I was going at a pretty good pace, which turned out to be about 8:25 minute miles.  That was my half pace from the other weekend.

Tuesday - 6.7 or so miles, ran a new route that I really liked.  It wasn't as flat, and was more scenic.  I wanted that to be my "tempo" run, so I tried to go what I thought was a fast-er pace.  I felt really good, and my pace was just over 7:30 minute miles.  I re-worked the miles and time over and over again, but I started at 5:14 and stopped at almost exactly 6:05, so 51 minutes.  The milage is correct, I checked on Daily Mile, and I drove it just to be sure.  Now that I know I can run under 8:00 miles for more than 2 in a row, that's my new goal!

**The terminology that I am using to describe my runs is simply NOT technical and I'm pretending to know what I'm doing.  I have so much more to learn...but I know that I love it!** is a great place to track milage, save routes and connect with other runners...although I haven't connected with other runners...go figure.
Today - No workout as of yet.  My plan is to elliptical and/or abs in a few.
Today, I had an enormous eye-opening.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  Let me just tell you, it ends up with me not just tearing up a bit, but actually spilling tears...silently, of course, not sobbing or the Kindergarten Round-Up tonight.  Like, KHubs was staring at me and said, "UM, NOBODY else is crying!!"  I don't know what's come over me lately...who am I kidding, I'm an emotional basket case; add on my first born's Kindergarten Round-Up and Watch Out!

So, backing up...

We jump out of the car and it's just another beautiful day.  The kids are so excited to find out that I'm not wearing "high heels" (aka anything higher than a tennis shoe) so we can drop our 11 bags in the garage and get on bikes, and play ball, and enjoy the sun.

They go digging around for who knows what to play with in the garage, and I drag out a lawn chair and park it at the end of the driveway.  

I sit down, and sit, and sit, and watch, and...Jordan falls off of her trike...she get's back on...Drew gets out his glove and ball and starts playing catch with himself...and I sit, and sit, and...I'll get to the point.  
Enjoying sitting on the lawn chair so much I just had to take a picture of myself.
I could sit and watch my kids play with out following someone around, or walking behind someone on the bike, or pushing someone on the Dora scooter...I could sit and relax.

Every summer, from the time Drew was about 2 and Jordi was just a few months old, I'd say, "Boy, next summer it'll really be a lot easier..."  I think we may be there!  

This summer, will be the summer when I can sit and read US Weekly and sip sun ripened iced tea while my children play blissfully...until Drew writes on Jordan's face with blue chalk.
Maybe I should stop  taking pictures of myself and pay attention to my kids.  Drew said he didn't do it, but confessed once I pointed out that he was HOLDING the blue chalk.
Yes, this summer the kids will be old enough to play in the back on the trampoline while I watch from the kitchen window...until someone knees their own self in the chin.
View from the window...this is NOT the scene where someone knee-d their own chin.  What kind of Mom would I be, "Hey, hold that pose, I need to blog your injury!"  No...
My bouncing baby boy will be going to kindergarten, my sweet little princess will be in pre-school...hey, this might be the time to start reconsidering the whole stay at home mom gig! 
A couple more things:

I read that kids need at least 1 hour a day of playing outside, running around being knuckle heads.  Buh-leive it!  And, they'll sleep better!  And, maybe even nap!

Eggs, and egg whites are great protein and fuel for "runners".  And, couple with the fact that Jordi eats at least 3 hard boiled eggs (usually without the yolks) a day, I stocked up.
At first glance, the fridge looks half-way organized...that must be the camera angle.
And, Kent was just reading over my shoulder and asked that I never ever refer to him as KHubs again, so I won't.  But I like it...but I won't.

And, I got this today.  I love it.


  1. :)Thanks for making me smile! I love your writing. It will be a great summer for you!! ...and you weren't the only one a basket case at Kindergarten roundup...we had ours a couple of weeks ago and they whisked off all of the kids to go on a bus ride while we had the parent meeting. I almost followed them out to put her booster chair in the bus but held myself back...

  2. Love those egg whites. Very good and lo cal!


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