Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sit Up, Shmit Up

In the words of my BFF Shaun T from the INSANITY video workout program, "Your six pack is under there!"

I love hearing that when I'm doing my INSANITY MAX ABS workout.  And he's right...I can feel a little somthin somethin under there...I may be digging for a while, but I'm pretty sure he's on to something.

I remember doing the old standard SIT UP in high school and college.  Someone had to hold my feet down so I could wrench my back to have my elbows touch my knees.  Half the time I had to wiggle from side to side and push back with elephant strength with my feet to get from the floor to my knees however many times I was supposed to do that.  A complete back and neck breaker.  And, I had never seen any sign of a visible AB muscle in my life.  Nothing was in there except for pizza and Diet Coke.
Even if I did have a visible six pack going on, you wouldn't catch me in this get up EVER...(unless I was being paid a katrillion dollars, like Brit.)
Since I learned some easy and totally doable fundamentals from S.T. (when I really get to know someone, I like to give them a nickname), and haven't done 1 single SIT UP...haven't even ever laid flat down on the ground...I can actually see something good brewing underneath the pizza and D.C.

#1:  The number one thing I've learned doing any kind of AB work is to put all the focus on your abs.  It sounds so simple, yet it's so hard to do.  Maybe because I have an un-official attention problem, but even when doing AB work, it's easy to tighten up your shoulders for example instead of the mid-section.

#2:  The second most important thing I think is your breathing.  This is something that has taken me a while to get used to.  Here's what:  exhale during a contraction and inhale during the release.  Again, so simple, yet so hard.  I've noticed a big difference in how my ABS perform when I'm paying attention to my breathing.  I can do a few more reps even if my abs are on fire, I think because I'm focusing on doing it correctly.

#3:  Really try to pay attention to your belly button.  I've finally found a use for that thing.  Focus on bringing your belly button in toward your spine.  You can do this anywhere anytime.  I'm actually doing AB work right this very moment.  I've got my belly button pressed in, and my hip bones are tilted up.  It actually helps me to sit straighter, and...BONUS...I don't have to change into workout clothes or get sweaty.  Thank you belly button.
I can triple-task...AB work, typing and snacking....hopefully you're good at reading backwards.
#4:  I like to take advantage of AB moves that work more than just the middle.  I don't mind the PLANK...high and low.  Here is where your belly button really comes in to play.  Press that sucker toward your spine and tilt your hips under like its nobody's business.  Then, stay there as long as you can.  Try adding to it by going from low plank to high plank, keeping the middle nice and taught while you work your ams like...down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up...maybe like 8 times through.  Tired core and shakey arms...a great combo!
I'm wearing jeans.  Just goes to show that you can stop, drop and plank anywhere!

***I am no expert, nor to I own a six pack of my own...that anyone can see with the naked eye...but I can feel these things working,***

I've heard that having a strong core is a preventative measure for back trouble, and also for posture which can lead to back trouble.  And, if there is back pain or trouble, tightening up the core can sometimes be a cheap and easy cure.  Here's a little video on how that works.  It's Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen on don't know how you feel about any of those peeps, but what they have to say talks about how important core strength is and it's good stuff.

Do you have any tried and true AB tips?  What's your favorite core exercise?


  1. When walking I make sure to focus my abs to the back of my spine. I find my abs are tightening up during my 5ks!

    1. Hi Candice! Yes, for sure! Multitasking while working out is key! :-)

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