Monday, May 21, 2012

Why Not Be The Inspire-er? and Blog RollI

For the record, I've decided not to post average mile times for my runs least not until after school is out.  Right now, I'm just running to run.  I'm basically doing what feels good and I'll worry about the rest once I have the luxury of waking up early - but not too early - to get a run in.  Then I'll be back to trying to figure out pacing and mile splits.  But for now, I just finished a little over 5 miles and if felt great.
Inspiration...feeling inspired and inspiring others.  The circle of motivation.  What lights the fire under your rear?  How do you get yourself going?  Is it because you know there are other people counting on you?  Is it because you don't want to let someone down?  Is that someone you?

I have a ton of outside sources of inspiration.  Of course, my family is always my inspiration to keep on keeping on.  My kids, my husband.  Even if I'm feeling frazzled and like I'm living in a pile of
I figured a picture of my Hubs would be much better than one of a pile of dirty laundry.  Plus, I just felt weir actually posting a picture of dirty laundry...although there are a few to choose from.

unending dirty laundry...I vow to show them that MOVING is so, so necessary.  Bike rides, walking, running, and just plain playing outside every nice day (for the record, I don't make my kids play outside durning life threatening storms or wind exceeding 45 mph) but they need to get outside and "use up all the energy".
Anyway, my other sources of inspiration are my friends, parents, sister, family and the readers of this blog!  I have so many positive people in my life that inspire me to keep an upbeat attitude, and to just keep doing what I'm doing...all the while looking for ways of improving in every avenue of life.

I have friends and family in every category.

The friends and family who get me even when I don't get myself.

...who inspire me to think beyond my normal every-day point of view.

...who make me laugh and make each day more fun than it would be without them.

...who set me straight.  Tell me to get a grip and snap out of "it"...whatever "it" may be.

...motivate me to get my butt moving and stop with the excuses.

---even though I only have 3 friends, they are all the best people ever!!---  hahahaha!

I have read so, so many inspiring blogs from so many different genres of interest.

Fitness blogs :  Carrots N Cake

Nutrition blogs :  Happy Healthy Mama

Saving money blogs : Becoming Sensible

Mommy blogs : Kludgy Mom

Daddy blogs :  Pavement Runner

Living With Loss and Beating the Odds blogs : Four Plus an Angel

Running blogs : Run, Eat, Repeat

These are really, just to name a few...

I have just been so inspired.

My brain is buzzing with so many ideas, and ventures.  There are just not enough hours in the day.  How cliche is that!?

How many people can I reach to spread the importance of fitness and balancing it with a full and busy day?  How many people just want to see someone else who is like them do it, then struggle, then make it work, then watch it fall apart, then do it all over again, so they'll feel like they can do it too?  How many people are just waiting for an invitation to live a little healthier?  How many people feel like they're stuck in a rut, and that it's not worth it to just take a 15 minute walk?  IT IS!!

It's time to get up and get moving and tell people that you're doing it!  Invite someone to go for a walk with you!  Take someone to the park with you and your kids!  Go to the pool this summer and do some laps!  Opt for the fresh veggie salad instead of the fries and hamburger!  How much better will you feel by just taking that little step!  Wait until you start seeing and feeling the'll want to keep going, and going until feeling GREAT is the norm!

People want to hear that you've gotten up, that you're motivated and that you've found a way to feel like you've always wanted to feel.

Be the person that inspires someone to make a positive change...and find someone, something that inspires you to keep it up!!

WHO or WHAT inspires you?  


  1. This post has inspired me - I love it! thanks. I know what you mean though, having my blog inspires me to keep going because i know people are counting on it and they are following my journey. My husband is also super awesome too. Sounds like you have great friends and family, that is worth so much and it also says a lot about you. You must be a great person to be around. I BET you inspire them!

    1. Hi! It's just so cool to know there are other people out there plugging along too!!
      I find that I love connecting with people through similar experiences!
      Happy running to you!!

  2. Thank you for the shout out, Melissa! Here I was reading your post for Daily Buzz Healthy Living and I was tickled to see my personal blog mentioned here! I'm glad you enjoy it. It's amazing how the blogosphere can help us find inspiration from so many different places!

    1. Hi Gigi! I found your blog through Four Plus an Angel, and I love it! It is amazing...the blogesphere is a crazy place!!

  3. Wow... super thanks for the shout out. Inspiration is all around us and with an 8 month old, I know how the dirty laundry pile is never ending.

    Supportive partners are key... i would be helpless without my wife and I'm glad to see your hubs is right there for you. Thanks again and YOU inspire me: everyday people doing extraordinary things... cheers.

  4. So many blogs, so little time!! Thanks so much for including little ol' me on your list. :-) YOU inspire me, sweet lady!


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