Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thumbs Up For Friday

Iiiiiiiit's Friday!

You know the week is dragging when you thought it was Friday on Wednesday, and Thursday.

What the school kids don't know...and this is a secret... I shouldn't even put this out there... but... us teachers are WAY more excited about the weekend than they are.  Let alone the summer.  I love my job, but "don't get it twisted" hahaha...I love when it's the weekend even more!

This week, I've been early morning running before school, which puts me at a 4:30 wake up time.  This, in turn, makes the days relatively long.  In fact, today, I actually forgot that I'd run already this morning.  I put Sweet Jordi to bed and went to change into my running clothes.  I said, "Man, this is really the last thing I want to do right now...hey, I already did this today...wait, was it today...this morning?  Yesssss!!"

I'm looking at bed in T minus (whatever that means) 2 minutes.  I can't wait.  Sometimes, I feel like I could fall asleep anywhere, in any spot, sitting up, laying down, with my eyes open or closed.  So tired.
DDog this morning, wakeup time...I know how you feel, Buddy!   
Other  times, it takes complete darkness, the point of stuffing lime green earplugs in...and still, I'll find some little noise or light that keeps me up.  Go figure.

I'm just looking forward to a nice Saturday run, in the morning.  Early, but not before 6 am early.  And long-er, but not 10 miles long, maybe just 6 or 7.  Coffee after, with my awesome Coldstone Sweet Cream!  Yesss!!

The big internal debate...Do I get up and run Friday morning and just be done with it and feel waaaay better because I did?  Or do I sleep the extra hour or so and feel better because I slept. decision, but I'm pushing for the run.  I'll report back with my official findings in a couple of days.

In the's all rainbows and unicorns over here because who doesn't love a perfectly forcasted weekend!  Except for the fact that it's Michigan, and for some reason, the weather-people love to lie to us!  We'll see!

What is your ideal Saturday morning like?

Do you drink coffee?  When did you start drinking it?  I started slow, and became a fiend when I had Sweet Jordi and DMan wasn't quite 2 yet.  I needed something, anything, and it stood the test of time.  Now it's my must have.

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  1. I started drinking coffee after living in Italy for 6 months... yes it did take me that long... EEK! Now i do love it but I wouldn't say I am addicted, nor a connosuier (spelling?), however I do enjoy a good drop :)

    I am sooo with you on the Saturday morning - I like to do my long run then too but do allow an extra hour or so to sleep. Tomorrow morning, however, my husband and i are hitting the early morning farmers markets (it's nigh on impossible to get him there usually as he's a man who LOVES his sleep!)

    have a good weekend


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