Monday, May 14, 2012

Weigh-t A Minute...

In true me fashion, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the incredible Mom's I know...and don't know!
My latest Pinterest creation!  Kiddie footprints for Grammy and Grandma.   She's crafty!
The Best Present Ever from DMan at preschool.  I don't do well with these sentimental things...I cried in the car at preschool pick-up!
 Most Importantly, my Mama and Mama Bea!

With all of the festivities, and all the resting and relaxing I've been doing the last few days, I made a fatal mistake.

I stepped on ... the scale.
A couple of things are painfully obvious:  1.  I am in major need of a pumice stone.  2.  The toothpaste tube probably doesn't do the trick after all.  
The scale is like the last person thing on earth you want to see after a weekend of white chocolate brownies, some Miller Lites, bags of roasted marshmallows, 3 lbs. of cappuccino ice cream, and a chocolate cake.  (Sounds fun, right!)  It's like seeing that the person in the car next to you just watched you pick your nose.  Awww, man, come on!  The scale.
If we're laying in all out on the line, this ice cream is bigger than my kid's head, and I've already eaten half of it.  Oh, it all got eaten.
I'll tell you what.  I've been without a scale in the house until just recently.  Like almost 2 years without knowing how much I really weigh.  And I'll tell you what too...I've been just fine with out the stupid thing.

Now that there's one in my bathroom, I step on it every time I go in there.  And just about every single time, it's at least 1 lb. different. Sometimes 2 lbs., and as of today...3 lbs.

I've basically got to get that thing out of there.

I find that the best way to gauge how I'm doing fitness and nutrition wise, is to judge how my clothes fit and I have a few key garments that help me out with this.  One is these sweet  shorts, and the other are my jeans from college.  They have just recently joined the ranks of the super expensive torn look, but for free (since they are about 13 years old).
Ultra hip and modern fashion for free.  Can't beat that.
As long I these babies fit, all is well.  As soon as any extra curricular toppings start spilling over, then it's time to step it up a notch!

So, scale, to you I say...go back to where you came from.  I'll get you back out when I think I need you.  I've been fine without you.  Seeing you at the doc's every blue moon is about all I can take of you.  Hasta luego.

Do you have a scale in your bathroom?  If you do, how often do you check you poundage?

Is there any garments you keep around just to make sure they still fit?  

What kind of gifts did you give for Mother's Day?  Anything hand-made?



  1. Hey there! I'm your newest follower by the way! I am guilty of stepping on the scale twice a day, once in the morning and once before I go to bed. I know its silly but since last August I started to do this and I've lost 20 lbs, of course i changed my eating habits and exercised but when I saw a lower number even if its just a pound or two it made me feel happy! However, I hate how guilty it makes me feel sometimes! I think eventually I will kick the habit once I reach my goal! 5 more pounds! I'm extremely petite and I feel like the last 5 lbs is sooo hard to lose! Have a great day and Belated Happy Mothers Day! :)


  2. Cute,

    I love the handprint pictures and that icecream looks great. I'm a new follower from a blog hop! Feel free to follow me back at Thanks!

  3. I am a new follower from the blog hop. please feel free to follow back
    I do have a bathroom scale and I check at least once a week first thing in the morning... I do have a pair of jeans to also measure my fitness... but I still have to check with the scale.
    Mother's day gift from my daughter was a hand written coupon for a personal massage and a cute hand print card... LOVE it!(she is 6)


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