Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's So, So Simple!

A simple lesson I've learned from my kids.  It's so simple.  So, so simple.  Here it is....

Just be yourself.  Be funny, be nice, by outrageous, be spunky, be smart, be witty, be sporty, be lazy, be crazy...just be you.

There, that's it.

Not to repeat myself, but I'm going to repeat's so simple.

I don't know about you, but I spend waaaaay too much time thinking about saying and doing the thing that I "should" say and do.  Then, once I say it or do it, I worry if it was, actually the thing I should've said or done.  Follow that?  Well, that's the thought process a gazillion times a day.

Exhausting, really.

What if I say something about running or exercise and I offend someone because they think I'm talking too much about running or exercise?

Do people think I've let myself go because I have horrible roots?  hahahaha!
From this angle, they don't look so bad!  Maybe I can hold off another week...oh no, what will they think?!?  Wait, who are "they" anyway!!  Really!!
Oh, but what if I mention that I had a Shakeology shake this morning and someone takes offense because they think shakes are dumb?

But, then, what if I say that I'm not feeling well so I didn't run this morning and someone thinks that I'm a whiner and a slacker all in one?  Oooh, that would be real bad.

How about if I make a joke ( a funny one, I may add ) but then feel guilty about it because what if someone takes offense to it and thinks I'm a meanie?

Then I step back and look at my kids.  They talk about what they want to talk about.  They joke about what they want to joke about.  They take a step back and slow down if they're not feeling it.  And they own it!  They are who they are, darn it!  And that's it.  Period.  Done.  Nobody questions it.

Then why do people question me?  The (I'll say it again) simple answer is that...ding, ding, ding...people aren't doing that!  They barely care!  You mean to tell me that people aren't waiting around to judge the next thing I do or say!  That's crazy!

That's it.  I'm coming out of the locker.  I would have so much more energy for everything else if I stopped wasting 98.47% of it thinking about what someone will think about what dumb me is doing or saying!
Talk about liberating!

I feel better already!

So, now, I feel obliged to say that today, I was sick today and stayed home from work.  I didn't work out, and I skipped out on my morning run.

BTW, I have a morning running partner.  I actually, for a second, felt stress about it because I couldn't possible think of interesting things to say that were cool, and non-offensive for 45 minutes while running with someone I don't know that well.

Should I bring my headphones just in case she doesn't want to talk?  Wait, that would be rude because then she would think I don't want to talk.  Well, then I'll just make a mental list of things to talk about.  Wait, that won't work, what if she thinks I'm talking too much about myself.  Ok, I'll ask lots of questions about her.  That might look creepy...

This is my every day logic...and it's ri-to-the-diculous!

I'm adding this to my New Years Resolutions List.  4 months late, but I'm adding it anyway.

On the workout note...tomorrow morning 4:30 am with my new running partner.  I hope she doesn't think I'm slow, and that I have a lame outfit!!  haha, just kidding...kind of!  No, really...ummm...ok.
On that note, I part with this.  A picture of me posing with The Kid.  Only it's not really him.  Sorry if you think it's creepy.  I like it.


  1. I spend WAY too much time thinking about things before I do them or say them. I could get way more accomplished if I wasn't so self-conscious.

    1. I always have...some things never change! When my husband read this he was excited that I might stop over-thinking...I'm trying!!

  2. I learned this after a few years in the work place because I always thought my zany, loud, and over sharing personality was not appropriate for a corporate environment. But I am now myself and I find that I am doing better in my career than when I tried to act like something I wasn't. Great post!

    1. You're probably paving the way for your collegues to be themselves too! Good for you!

  3. I wish people were themselves more often. I don't care for a front, just give it to me straight. Good thoughts.


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