Saturday, May 5, 2012

Walking the Walk

First:  Finally I hit 300 miles for the year.  But, when I did, nothing happened.  Nobody jumped out and yelled congrats.  So, I said congrats to myself.
I was serious about that.  And... I had to write backwards so it would come out right.  That's talent.
Today's workout started as a run, and ended as a walk.  The body told the mind that it wasn't a run day.  It  started out being a run day, and then it slowly turned into a jog day, and all of the sudden, before I knew it, a walk day.

I set out as usual.  Turned on my IPod to Umbrella by Rihanna, which is alway the first song.  And went to town.  However, normally I can just keep right with the beat of the music.  My foot hits the ground with the tempo of the song.  Easily.  Then comes Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland.  Same deal with the tempo and the feet.  Then comes Bawitdaba by fav, Kid Rock and things started going downhill.  That song is where the tempo pics up, and these legs were not having any part of it.  Actually, it wasn't the legs, they wanted to go.  It was more the rest of me.

Legs before the run/ after picture because it's, well, the same.
So, I slowed down.  That is hard to do when I'm so used to running right with the beat on every song.  I'd found myself back with the tempo and feeling Baaaaaaad, (not MJ bad) so I slowed down again.  Enough of that, I was time to just walk.

Running in the groove is just part of my routine.  I also like to pretend I'm running in some crazy road race, like the Boston Marathon, and people are going crazy with all the runners going by.  Walking squashed that day dream.
Source.  Oh, I'm the wacko pretending to be in this picture,  don't mind me.
Even though my workout turned into a walk, there were still a few things I could do to make it difficult and break a sweat.

I really concentrated on "rocking" my feet.  Heel striking the ground and pushing off hard with the balls of the feet.  It can turn a nice easy walk into a quad burner.  I swear.  And, I did the "tilt and tuck" with the abs.  Why not get those puppies burning too.

Back at the home front, it was 2 sets of:  20 V Pushups (from Insanity), 20 Bicep Curls (10 lb. weights),  20 Tricep Curls (10 lb. weights), 20 Squat Press (squat with weight touching floor, then bring weight straight over head with both arms).

There's no shame in switching it up if you have to.  Who knows why your feeling the way you do during a workout.  I could be your body telling you to take it easy for a good reason.  Over-tired, Under-nourished, Over-doing it...just stay in tuned and only push back when it feels right.

I probably could have fought it today, but from experience, I'd have felt crappy after.  It's Saturday, and I want to enjoy the day.  It's not like I'm training for Boston or real life!

How do you adjust your workouts if you just not feeling it? 
Do you change it up, or just hang it up for the day?


  1. Interesting about home routine. I am thinking of adding one. Just giving my ankle a day to heal. Congrats 300 miles in a year!

    1. Thanks Candice! Time to heal is definitely don't want to re-injure, or make it worse!

  2. I need to fit more walking in. I've gotten a bit lazy!

    1. It seems easier to get out earlier and later now with the weather warming up a bit! Have a great week!


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