Monday, August 6, 2012

The Phone, The Finger and The Fall

Currently I a typing this from my brand new... Wait for it... iPhone! Oh yes, I somehow finagled my way into a nice little one just the other day. It's kind of annoying typing on this tiny little keyboard, but this is just plain principle now. Anyway, I. Love. It.  And, it's a skyscraper up from this.

This is a nice little snapshot of my run this morning.  So awesome that I can do this!  I'm sure everyone already knows about the coolness of the App...but it's new to me.  For now, this will take the place of my Garmin watch that I want too.  I mean, I'm on a roll with gadgets now!  AND...let's try and not pay too much attention to in the slowness.  I was pre-occupied with my new GPS, you know?  
I've been back at it, running, in the wee hours of the morning. Like day 9 or something. What a difference it makes to get up and get it done! Just knowing that a nice cool run is under my belt is enough to brighten my day just a little bit!  My total miles now, is over there any way I'll be at 1,000 in mid January?  I mean, yes, right?

I'm not dreading getting up, in fact, I look forward to it. It really helps that I meet my early bird partner down the block and we go from there. I can not be the lame-o lady who flakes out!

So the other day, I was cutting up a nice juicy watermelon, like you do in the summer...only to find that it was infested with tiny little black seeds! How did people ever survive without seedless watermelon? In the midst of my dismay, the melon slips out from under my knife and I slice my finger clean off! Not really, but with the fact that I lost sight and hearing...I may or may not have passed would have thought that was the truth.  I, personally thing I handled the situation quite well, seeing as though I've never really ever been hurt before.  Not even in sports.  Swimming and running, you really don't get too banged up.  Really, I'm surprised, with my luck that I didn't find some way to make those sports way more dangerous. Anyway, turns out everything is fine and all digits are in tact. Dumb seeded watermelon.
Maybe I should have warned of the graphic nature of this photo.  But then again it would be uncertain if I was talking about my wound, or about my complete abandon form nail care.  Either way, the crappy watermelon is in the bowl.  Seeds.

It's high school football season.  Yes it is.  Every year, this day marks the last day of summer and the first official day of football life.  In real life we still have a good month left.  But...around here, it's "Football 4 Life".  One must just learn to love it.  It has been an acquired taste throughout the years of living with my FB coach hubs, but now it's just the way it is.  It's what we do!

Not that football ever really has a starting date or ending's just pretty much a year round thing.  Almost like a 5th person in the family.  Kind of like a 5th person consisting of a great group of guys who love football and love teaching kids about the game and life.  It takes a lot, lot, lot of time and energy to do what KDog does...Go Marauders!  CS!

DMan's got Safety Town class going on last week and this week.  He loves it!
Police safety day!

And Sweet J has got the sass down pat, while riding her bike.  Multi-talented,that girl!
Check out my Instagram shot!  How cool am I?!

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