Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back...Really Looking

Jordan turns 2
It's almost another new year.  2011 has been a great one, and I'm really looking forward to making this next year one for the books.  Isn't it so funny how time really does fly by.
Drew graduates 3yr. Preschool

Funny kids 

Snow day
They get it from their parents
Summer Swimming Fun

Drew would kill me!

Drew's 1st bike

Watching fireworks from the car

Drew turns 4

Jordi Gaga

Drew Gaga?


Family movie night

Super Heros


As far back a I can remember, there have been people telling me, "Enjoy this time now, because time is going to slip right by".  Well, isn't that the truth!  High school, college, graduation, getting my first real job, meeting Kent, buying our first house, getting married, having Drew, then Jordan, buying our second house...and all of the precious moments in could all of these things have happened; come and gone in what seems like the blink of my eye?
It's so crazy!

This year, I have decided to have 2 Resolutions.  The only other time I've ever had an actual New Year's Resolution was in college.  I vowed to floss my teeth every day.  I did.  It was great.  This year, I think I will up the anty.  I've got 2 good ones.

My # 1 New Year's Resolution is to:  Pay more attention to detail.  Don't get so caught up in the end result, that I loose the little pieces that get us there.  There is so much to appreciate if you just stop and take snap shots of all of the little things.
The kids are taking too long getting their coats and shoes on...why though?  Are they actually talking to each other?  Playing with each other?  Looking out the window at a bird flying by?  Those things are more important than hustling out the door so fast.
I want to listen more and better.  I want to stop myself from moving to fast.  Listen to my children; they are hysterical and so smart...and listen to my husband; he's got a real way of making things seem not so bad.  He's the poster child for 'the glass is half full'.
Hey, maybe this way I will actually remember where I put things, what I walked into that room for, what I went to the store for.  Maybe my brain really isn't going into Alzheimer's mode...maybe I just need to slow down.  Period.

My # 2 is to:  Take my own advise.  I was talking to a friend last night, and he's a phys. ed. teacher.  We were talking about being/staying motivated to exercise, and how it's difficult.  It's not that I don't know what to do.  Pretty much everybody on the planet knows that if you want to be physically fit, you need to eat right, and stay active.  Not rocket science.
The hard part is not factual.  It's getting your heart to buy into what your brain knows is right.  Right?  Well, heart, we are listening to brain from now on.  And together, we'll be right where we want to be in 2012.
Above all, I want to be a role model for my kids.  I want to show them, that if you work hard, do the right thing, and stay motivated, you just can't go wrong.  I want them to be able to say, "My mom always did _____, and it worked.  That's what I'm going to do too."  Period.

What's your Resolution?

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