Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2.5 Minutes

Not a workout post, but a post on how quick the little ones are.  Not at putting away toys or getting their coats on...but how quick they can create...a situation...

This is just after I turned off the water for her.

She was in the restroom.  Drew was eating a snack.  I figured I had just enough time to run upstairs and put away a hand full of laundry.

I hear, "Mommy, I can't turn off the water!"

I'm thinking to myself...uh oh, how'd she get off the toilet and what mess am I walking in to.

I say (well, yell from the farthest away bedroom upstairs), "Drew, can you turn the water off for your sister?"

Drew, in a snack induced trance, says nothing.  Who knows if he can hear me over the TV and the running water in the background.

In the time it takes for me to stack up a few pairs of socks in drawers and hang up a couple of shirts...

The sink is dangerously close to full, with Mermaid Lalaloopsy happily swimming away in a bubble bath...water running Full Blast!

Crisis averted, but the knob was way too slippery with soap for any little hands to turn.

2.5 minutes.  Tops.  Man.

Is that what those 2 holes are for in the sink?  Are those holes there to give the mom just a little extra second  before the bathroom floods?  Let's just say yes.


  1. Isn't it amazing how quick they can be? Thank goodness nobody was hurt (what a smart girl making a lake for the mermaid!). Micah was always my fast one. I think they must have me on the neglectful mother list at the poison control call center...he has eaten caulk, drank car air-freshener, and even tried bird poop!


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