Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back On Track

Since this blog is centered around my family, of course, and my love (not expertise) for fitness and all things running, I sort of feel guilty when I have nothing to say about the fitness part.

Here's what I've got for the past 4 days.
That about sums it up.  How lame is that.  Here I am, Miss., "Go Get Em!  Get Out There And Move, People!"  And all I did was push my kids around in a shopping cart and call it a day.

I have to say, this week has thrown me off  a bit.  I have been spoiled by my routine for the past lots of months, and one mis-step and I was way off kilter.

Kent went on a trip for 3 days.  That's it, just 3 days.  It was, however, enough to make me lazy for some reason!  It wasn't like I could get up early before the kids got up and go for a run.  If I did that, then I'd be just like the crazy lady who left her kids alone to go running!  ( Do people do that?  Gawd, I hope not!)  (Obviously if your kids are old enough it's fine...when are they old enough for that?...anyway)

I had an internal dilemma.  On Monday, I told myself I'd do my Insanity workout when Jordan took her nap.  Guess what, Drew and I watched a movie instead.  No, wait it wasn't a movie, it was the new Disney Jr. channel.  Not bad.

On Tuesday, I said, "No matter what, I'm working out during nap time.  That's it.  Get your act together!"  All 3 of us took a 3 hour nap.

On Wednesday, I said, "This is the last straw.  After the kids go to bed, do something besides eat Vanilla Wafers!"  After the kids went to bed, I realized I had a headache the size of freaking Texas.  So I went to bed too.

That was it!  And, all the way back to Sunday, I went to a buffet for brunch on Easter.  A really nice one, and a really good one.  I'm a rest on the holidays kind of workout-er.

Today, I went for a run, darn it!  Of course, I had to take Princess J with me.  I couldn't just leave her for 45 minutes after having her up my rear by my side for 3 days straight...with no break...talking the whole time...I mean the whole time...every waking moment...Love Her!!
This is what I use for a "jogging stroller" now a days.  Pretty sure there are others out there that are more for "jogging" but it does the trick.  Obviously this isn't mine...unless you see crumbs of Goldfish crackers and stick juice stains on the side.  
Drew was fine to get me out of his hair for a bit and hang out with Dad and play catch with someone who can actually throw...and catch.  Um...I've never been good with sports with balls.

Anyway, the run felt good, and I learned a lot about what shapes the clouds were making at the moment, how you can get more energy if you just close your eyes for one little second instead of taking a whole nap, and did you know that birds fly around because they don't want to step on dog poo?  I didn't either.  Very interesting.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get in a nice, long, relaxing run.  Maybe even by myself!  I can't wait!!

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