Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'd Wish...

I couldn't wish for more...but if I had to, here's what I'd wish for...

I'd wish...

...we had one of these babies in the backyard when I was growing up.  Although, we did have a pool, so I can't complain, and I'm not, I'm just saying.
Not my backyard.  Lucky we have friends that have backyard water toys that last more than 30 minutes.
...I were better at horseshoes.  I was part of the runner up team in our neighborhood tournament last weekend, based entirely off of beginners luck and this awesome concoction of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade, Sprite Zero and a splash of adult cocktail mix.
A friendly game of horseshoes is apparently no laughing matter.
...I could just enjoy time at the park like kids do without feeling hot, sticky and itchy.  How are they never too hot to run around like maniacs, when I'm sweating bullets and getting eaten alive by yellow jackets while pushing them on this tire swing?
Notice the fancy rig in the background.  That's mine.
...this was me.  I wanted to swan dive off of that pontoon so bad!
Thanks for the awesome time and perfect picture, Reeves Fam!
...the scenery in my basement for 20 miles on the stationary bike was the same as being outside.  And that the walls were painted and tons of motivational posters were hung up on the walls in my own personal gym.  For now I'll just settle for, it's free.  And it's not 102* down there.  Oh, that there was a treadmill down there too.
Working out to Around the World in 80 Plates on the Food Network is my kind of hour well spent.
...I had a backyard garden.  But...thanks to my awesome neighbor's zucchini plants, I was able to make these tasty muffins and fry me up something good today :-)  Love the veggies!  :-)
Not cooker, baker...don't claim to be.  Not a food blogger either.  Just an eater.   That's about all.
...I was there with the guys when Prince Fielder tossed my DMan this ball.
Now that is one happy kid.  And a happy Pops too.

Is summer really half way over!!??

I refuse to buy Back To School stuff until at least August  1st.  Target, what are you doing to me??

How's your summer going so far?


  1. I love this post. You are still your witty self and it is so awesome to get a peak into your world!

    Summer is flying by way too fast and I can't agree more about Target and all of their stinking school supplies already filling the aisles! They even gave me a coupon for 5 bucks off of a school supply purchase...seriously!?

    But while it lasts we are trying to enjoy every minute! Tonight we went to that same park above, I thought of you (Ayla and Micah swung on the tire swing) We have one more baseball tourney and then smooth-sailing!!

    1. Glad you all are enjoying your summer! I just read your latest post about Sweet Jonah at camp. I can't lie...I started to tear up myself!


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