Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When You've Got Your Seasons Backwards

I find, that often times, if there is a natural order of things...like a way that most everybody and everything operates, then I've somehow found a way around it.

I'm speaking here of the natural way that people tend to harbor an extra little pound or two during the winter months.  It's cold out, people are feeling cozy and warm inside.  Munching on holiday goodies...all that good stuff.  It's winter time!  Let's just hide those cute little muffins with a sweater and call it a day!  Throw on a scarf and it's like, hey, what double chin?  As long as you've got jeans with a little give, you can hide most anything!  It's the perfect season for deception.
Right?!  Who knows what she's got going on under there!  Could be anything.  
Then there's summer.  Ah, summer.  Golden skin, lightened hair, and...a lot less clothes.  Whatever you'd been hiding all winter is either going to come out and play, or you'd better do something about it in the spring!  That's what spring is for, everybody!  Prepping for the season where we let it all hang out.

Here's where the breaks start to squeal and the wheels come rolling off the wagon...the summer is clearly the best time of year.   Don't get me wrong here...not complaining about the bliss of these 3 months out of the year...but I NEED PRESSURE.  I can't thrive in an environment where I have free time.  Where I have the option to just "do it later".  Where I can sit outside and snack and snack and snack until we eat all the snacks...then I go make some more!  I need limits!

If every day is a Tuesday, and there is no end to the week, and the days go on forever, and hot dogs never tasted so good, and it's just too hot to run today, and I've found waaaay too many treats to make off of Pinterest...things are going to go bad wrong here.

Even this blogging bit.  I'll put anything off until "tomorrow" if it's summer!

It goes back to the old theory in college.  Stay with me here...I have a semester to write my research paper.  It's half of my grade.  I do a little here and a little there.  Nowhere near enough.  Then, all of the sudden, it's the night before the paper is actually due on the Professor's desk.  It's a mad scramble.  Nobody better get in my way.  Nobody better even think of ganking my computer in the "computer lab".  Nothing will stand in my way of writing the most epic research paper ever in the 10 hour span of time I have procrastinated allotted myself.  It gets done.  I get an A.  Or a B+.  Whatever.  It's done, and I can slap it on the fridge.

"Some things never change" is crap.  It's August tomorrow and I'm going to kick it into high gear.  No more procrastination here.  No sir.  I love to run.  I do.  I really do.  That's my motto for August.  Plus, I have a half marathon to run in October, and at this rate I'd probably just have to have someone roll me to the finish.

I log how many miles I've run since January of this year.  I want to say I started on January 21st.  I wonder if anyone (if there is anyone out there) who reads this goes, "I bet this lady says she runs, but she's probably just sitting around licking Dorito Cheese off of her fingers to type this bull!"  In the spirit of that...here's a picture of me running.
I can not say in full disclosure that I was "on a run" at the time, however.   I had KDog snap a picture of me so that I could "blog" it.  He rolled his eyes, but did it anyway.  If I were actually "on a run", I went 2 seconds after this, then I probably would look very similar.  More sweaty, more slumped over, but very similar.

Anybody, is there anybody, who drops the ball a little in the summer?  Am I really the only one who's the the seasonal extra 5lb. thing backwards?  Either way, drop a line!


  1. I too struggle with keeping "on track" with my weight loss goals in the summer. It is a time of picnics, snacks, frozen drinks and iced coffee. All of those add up to calories that I just don't need. Sometimes its a relief to pull out those fall sweatshirts to cover up my summer missteps!

    1. Let's put the frozen drinks and the iced coffee together! Love a frozen coffee drink!
      I'm loving summer, but I always look forward to the fall :)

  2. You're not the only one trust me!! But even with those extra 5lbs you say you're hiding... You look Great!!

    1. Nice to know I'm not on my own here! ha! Thanks, Debbie!


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