Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm Not

What I AM, is LOVING this time off! I LOVE that it's Wednesday, and it feels like Saturday and there are still 11 more days of Christmas Break left!

What I'm NOT, is some lady who claims to have it all down. I definitely do not have it all down, not even close. I am a work in progress. I don't eat healthy all of the time. But, I try to keep my snacking and candy eating in check. I don't spend all of my spare time exercising. But, I do make an effort to move for 30 minutes most days. I try to work up a sweat 5 or 6 times a week. I, for sure, am not saying that I am so incredibly fit! Are you kidding me?!?! But, I have set a goal for myself to be my own personal "fittest". I'm working on it.

That's the whole point. I'm a working mom, who is trying to squeeze in the time to make ME a happier, healthier ME! I have come to realize that is so very important! It's not about being a muscle mama, unless that's your goal; it's about being motivated to keep going, and not letting the age old excuse of "when am I ever going to find time" get in the way. Just find time. Simple as that. If you want to, you will.

Have you ever been running late in the morning on the way to work, but you still find the time to stop for a coffee? I have. More times than I'd like to admit! I've found time for shopping, for chatting on the phone, for laying on the couch to watch TV, for snacking, for cleaning, for looking out the window...all great things to do!!! It's just as easy to find time to move yo body!!

I've posted this before, but how about trying the 100 Workout?

and my ultimate favorite...get outside and run!

I love my Brooks, and I can take them anywhere, anytime.

Another favorite: to pop in a exercise DVD and invite the kids to join in. They think it's hysterical, and they're up and moving too! They LOVE to dance, so playing music and dancing in the living room is super fun too!

Question of the day: Do you have a gym membership? If so, what gym do you belong to? Do you go enough to make it worth it?


  1. You are incredibly fit, and you look fantastic btw. Even doug noticed on Christmas Eve (and that's saying something since he's a totally unobservant dude!).

    We belong to lifetime...we have been making it worth it because it's too expensive not to, lol!

  2. Awww, thanks, Jenny! (and Doug)! How do you like Lifetime? I've always wanted to go there. Isn't there an indoor pool? There's just not one close to us. I don't even have a membership anymore...but Powerhouse was where we used to go...then Bally's in Fairlane!


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